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Briquette Plant

We have the the dust extraction & the briquette press that were installed together in late 2013 both for sale, together or separately (although take them together and we might give you a deal!)

Call and speak to Ian McNally on 01730 816941


WoodNet join FACE Partnership

Forestry Advisory Consortium

FACE is a group of forestry organisations and advisors who have come together to provide specialist support to forest and timber supply chain businesses which are considering investment in new facilities and equipment. It consists of the Community Forest Trust, Cumbria Woodlands, Kent Downs AONB, Martin Glynn FICFor, Northwoods, Rural Development Initiatives, Small Woods Association, Silvanus Trust, Sylva Foundation, Woodnet and Yorwoods. Together they advise on business planning, marketing, financial forecasting, grant applications and technical issues.


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Chestnut Post and Rail For Sale, Chestnut Post and Rail.
Rails 6 pounds.
Morticed posts for 2 rail..7.50 pounds each
Morticed posts for 3 rail..8.50 pounds each.
Made to order plus VAT and delivery. Bodiam, East Sussex
Advert Start Date: 7/11/17
Contact: Tony Muggridge, A J Muggridge Ltd.
M: 07980 163641
Mobile Sawmilling covering Sussex, Kent, London, Surrey and the rest of the South of England I run a 6-16 Lucas sawmill which can quickly convert large or small logs into accurate dimensional timber. I can also offer the service of flattening wide seasoned boards making them much easier to work with. As well as the Lucas sawmill I also run an Alaskan chainsaw mill which is perfect for cutting wide slabs and planking trees that are in areas which have bad access. I have a great passion for woodwork and can convert a log into garden furniture and any other wooden ideas you might have. More pictures of work undertaken in the past on my website.

Also available - Mobile log splitting and log cutting. I use a portable electric hydraulic log splitter which can quickly process large rings into useable firewood. Kent / East Sussex
Advert Start Date: 25/10/17
Contact: James Vann
M: 07545 846646


A Training Resource for Traditional Timber Building


Woodnet have completed a partnership project with architects, carpenters and woodwork trainers to support carpentry vocational skills training.

Supported by the Leonardo Lifelong Learning Programme Woodnet participants visited several European countries to discover the differences, and many similarities in timber construction and wood decoration.

The background to this research is available at www.trawcoe.com  and this web portal also provides a link to a 3D models exploring many of the structures, ranging from a barn in Kent to a Latvian windmill, a Romanian church and a French farmhouse.

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