Forestry Commission / CLA / Grown in Britain 2019 Forestry Conference: Supplying More Than Timber. Wednesday 9th October at Newbury Racecourse

Woodland in the South-East

We are delighted to invite you to our annual Forestry Conference 2019, to be held once again at the impressive Newbury Racecourse.
The conference aims to provide informative, practical advice for landowners, managers and farmers, highlighting how the forestry sector is about so much more than just timber.
It is an exciting time for the industry, and we will hear a keynote address from Sir Harry Studholme, chair of the Forestry Commission, about the opportunities and challenges facing it in a post-Brexit world.
This conference will bring together a range of voices from different backgrounds to explore how forestry offers a variety of benefits and services beyond wood, in the South East and further afield.
We will:

  • Review the current position of timber markets in the South East

  • Explore the strengths and limitations of supply chains

  • Look at ways the sector can help tackle issues around clean air and water quality

  • Consider what can be learnt from practices in other European countries

  • Hear about the experiences of successful businesses operating in the industry.
    Full conference agenda can be viewed

Dartington Hall, Devon 19th - 21st June 2019

Evolving the Forest

A three-day international gathering bringing together creative thinkers and doers to explore the forest and how we live with trees

Incorporating the 2019 Annual Conference of the Royal Forestry Society.

Details of the programme and associated visits and short courses available at:

WoodNet join FACE Partnership

Forestry Advisory Consortium

FACE is a group of forestry organisations and advisors who have come together to provide specialist support to forest and timber supply chain businesses which are considering investment in new facilities and equipment. It consists of the Community Forest Trust, Cumbria Woodlands, Kent Downs AONB, Martin Glynn FICFor, Northwoods, Rural Development Initiatives, Small Woods Association, Silvanus Trust, Sylva Foundation, Woodnet and Yorwoods. Together they advise on business planning, marketing, financial forecasting, grant applications and technical issues.


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CLA 2019 Forestry Conference: Supplying more than timber

Wed 9 Oct '19   8.30am - 3pm
With: Forestry Commission, CLA and Grown in Britain
Venue: Newbury Racecourse, Newbury, Berkshire

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Beam Timber Wanted Beaming oak, douglas fir sawlogs wanted.
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Burr, heavy pippy English Oak Kiln Dried waney slabs 2.2 to 3.6 metres
Square edge PAR heavy pippy oak 22mm thick widths from 100 mm to 220 mm
5 m3 of planed all round heavy pippy oak boards in 22 mm thickness in lengths from 1.5 m to 3 m and widths from 100 mm to 220 mm, wider boards can be cut from our waney edge stock on request. We also have it available in ex 41 mm and ex 54 mm on request

10 m3 of kiln-dried English Burr/ heavy pippy oak in 27 mm, 41 mm and 54 mm thickness, and widths up to 1 metre. This is exceptional quality oak, pictures available on request. National delivery every day. Wem, Shropshire
Advert Start Date: 5/7/19
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A Training Resource for Traditional Timber Building


Woodnet have completed a partnership project with architects, carpenters and woodwork trainers to support carpentry vocational skills training.

Supported by the Leonardo Lifelong Learning Programme Woodnet participants visited several European countries to discover the differences, and many similarities in timber construction and wood decoration.

The background to this research is available at  and this web portal also provides a link to a 3D models exploring many of the structures, ranging from a barn in Kent to a Latvian windmill, a Romanian church and a French farmhouse.

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