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Round Timber for Sale

16-20 Tonne of Firewood for Sale Cherry, birch and hazel cut to metre lengths and rings.
Located in small woodland near East Grinstead, Sussex.
(26/03/15) East Grinstead, Sussex
Contact: Trevor Jobson
M: 07952 672353
Seasoned Hardwood for Sale 230 stacked cubic metres of mixed hardwood, predominantly oak and ash. Harvested and sheeted 2013.
Good lorry access.
(26/03/15) Horsham, West Sussex
Contact: Andy Meadows
M: 07732 249415
Holm Oak Firewood 2.5m We have roughly 180 tonnes of Holm Oak firewood for sale.
All cut at 2.5m lengths varying from 4"-40".
£50 per tonne.
Delivery can be arranged at buyer's cost.
(26/03/15) Devon
Contact: Liam, Tree Care South West
M: 07955 615815
Cedar Tree We have just secured approval for the large 150ft cedar tree in our garden to be taken down as it has reached the end of its life. We are looking for someone interested in the wood.
(26/03/15) Worcestershire
Contact: Jayne Snape
T: 01905 421809
M: 07964 991617
Oak, Sycamore Birch Firewood for Sale I have about 75 tonne of mixed fire wood for sale from small clearance job. Timber is mixed hardwood, mainly oak,sycamore, birch. Diameter approx 2ft down in 2.5m lengths.
Delivery can be arranged.
(26/03/15) Dorking, Surrey
Contact: Craig Ketley, Surrey Forestry
T: 01372 452935
M: 07768 034538
Standing Oaks for Sale We have 63 oaks to be felled and removed from our woodlands in North Kent.
Diameter is on average 2 feet but some considerably larger. Trunk heights average 32 foot, total tree height much larger. Access is by gravel track.
Felling can commence from mid-late August.
(26/03/15) North Kent
Contact: Nick Covarr, RSPB
T: 01227 464898
M: 07714 139415
Spalted beach butts and other large hardwoods I have for sale 1 x 4m long and 70 cm diameter Beech butt that is showing signs of significant spalting. There are some smaller diameter spalted beech also.
Also available are 2 clean ash butts also 4m long and 50cm.
These can be planked on site on a concrete hard standing up to mid-April.
Some large sycamore butts also available, and one huge fen grown dark hearted ash butt approx 90cm diameter by 1.2 length.
Please contact to arrange a viewing or I can send photos.
(20/03/15) Newmarket , Suffolk
Contact: Paul Taylor, Arborlogic
M: 07725 012329
Wild Cherry Poles for Sale Ranging from 4" dia to 12". various lengths up to 12ft. Straight and Clean stems great for Green Wood Working, Spoons, Bowls, Chairs etc... Stacked in the wood at the moment (on bearers). Can deliver.
(17/03/15) Nr Falmouth, Cornwall
Contact: Tom Kemp
M: 07531 265646
Willow Butts for Woodchip c200 tons (several lorry loads)of felled willow butts available (tree length logs), stacked, but will need front load grab to take to hard standing extraction point to load on to lorry.
(19/03/15) Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
Contact: John Smithson
T: 01284 757092
M: 07919 658483
Chestnut Cordwood Up to 100ton of chestnut cordwood 3" up to 12"
£30 at road side.
I can separate bigger timber out, and also arrange haulage.
(13/03/15) Ashford, Kent
Contact: Darren Santer
M: 07825 770260
Large Sitka Sawlogs Ten large straight saw logs 18ft long up to 24inch diameter, approx 10 cu.metres. £300 at roadside.
(13/03/15) Lampeter, West Wales
Contact: Philip Swain
T: 01570 493284
Standing Timber for Sale I've purchased 3.5 acres of amenity woodland. I'm looking to clear the ground and sell the trees.
At the moment all I can say is there are sycamore and beech trees. Please contact me if interested.
(13/03/15) Swansea
Contact: Amy Adams
M: 07793 080098
Oak Timber for Sale One lorry load of timber-grade oak left from last year's thinnings. More due to be felled this year, as well as firewood.
(13/03/15) Devon
Contact: Edward Knight
M: 07875 973278
Free Corsican Pine Butt and Cord Roughly 8 Tons of pine some large diameter, some cord.
Can deliver locally.
The timber is free if collected but delivery will have to be charged.
(13/03/15) East Grinstead, East Sussex
Contact: Zohair Ghullam, Truroots
M: 07854 931087
Chestnut Post Lengths & Rails For Sale Post lengths at road side per tonnage
9ft 6" Rails Road side
(10/03/15) East Kent
Contact: Viv Comer
T: 07738 155913
M: 07885 716890
Mixed Coppice firewood and craftwood for sale About 50m3 at rideside of mixed coppice firewood. Hornbeam, ash, birch, oak, hazel, chestnut stacked rideside for summer extraction. Also some nice straight ash 25 years old. (10/03/15) Near Hastings, East Sussex
Contact: Richard Hare
T: 01825 818580
Corsican Pine (for sale in the round ) 8 to 9 tonne load, 8 to 20 inches diameter all cut to 2.8 meters lengths at roadside, easy access. £120 + VAT
(10/03/15) West Berkshire
Contact: Mike Weston, Beenham Investment Group
T: 01189 712622
Softwood, one metre lengths Douglas Fir - diameter 6 inch and upwards.
Great firewood, rustic projects
£30 per M3
(10/03/15) Nr Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire, Wales
Contact: MartinTaliaris Lodge
Mixed Hardwood in 3m Lengths We can deliver in 26T loads in the Herts, Beds, Bucks area. £53/T plus VAT

Also 2 loads of Oak available for delivery in the Hertfordshire area.
3m lengths from 200mm to 400mm diameter. £60/T plus VAT Hertfordshire
Contact: Phil Newson, PR Newson
T: 01763 274922
Mature Beech Trees for Felling Several mature beech trees over 50ft tall. Will require to rope branches down to prevent damage to walls. Easy access on track. Wood free in exchange for complete removal. Please contact for further details and pictures.
(08/03/15) Law, Carluke, South Lanarkshire
Contact: Anne Parton
T: 01555773362
Sweet Chestnut for Sale Large quantity of sweet chestnut for sale.
Stakes, rails etc. some small timber
(13/03/15) Surrey
Contact: D Kevin Shepherd, Kevin Shepherd Forestry
T: 01483 428956
M: 07860 698655
Softwood For Sale Approx 24M3 Softwood 8ft long 20-50cm diameter mixed spruce good artic access.
North Somerset
(07/03/15) North Somerset
Contact: Anthony Harris
M: 07736 659327
London Plane Butt One large very straight London plane butt for sale. Seasoned with no rot and no knots. Weighed 4.5 ton when crane took it down. It's approximately 4 meters long and 1.2 across but will have exact dimensions upon enquiry. Its near Guildford and will need to be collected not really sure what its worth so open to offers.
(01/03/15) Guildford, Surrey
Contact: Chris Davies
M: 07825760951
Oak Tees for Sale I have some oak trees for sale which have been felled recently, good access for loading. Also have some other hardwood trees which may be of interest, plus lots of firewood which was cut into lengths last year. Looking to move it all, cash on collection.
(01/03/15) South Wales
Contact: Tristan Sheldon
T: 01685 811789
Firewood, Biomass timber (chip wood) Sawn Green Oak, Softwood Sawlogs Firewood / Cordwood
Biomass timber hard and soft.
Sawn green oak beams and braces etc cut to requirements.
Large hardwood sawlog
Softwood sawlog
Douglas available in 12/24 and 40 foot logs
Grand fir 12/24 foot log standard to oversize
Orders being taken for the above. Haulage can be arranged. Large quantities only.
Feel free to call for prices. Timber available at roadside. Taking orders for 2015 felling operations.
All timber standing and roadside timber purchased year round. Large quantities only.
(26/02/15) South East England
Contact: South East Forestry
T: 01622 842145
M: 07759 567801
Large Trees in Small Parcels Standing or Felled near Norwich Oak trees sold standing or felled however many you would like also beech and spruce 6 miles from Norwich.
location: haveringland
(26/02/15) Haveringland, Norfolk
Contact: Andrew Burton
T: 01692 651021
Split Hardwood Cordwood available in container quantities. Beech, ash and oak seasoned 12 months £45 per cube.
Sycamore cord at roadside. Processor size. £40 per cube
Biomass Supplier-listed woodland.
(17/02/15) Kings Langley, Hertfordshire
Contact: David Sexton
T: 01442 842573
M: 07769 642555
Chestnut Cordwood for Sale 3 metre Chestnut cordwood for firewood or chipwood.
Can arrange haulage of 17 tonne loads in Kent and Sussex
(16/02/15) Kent
Contact: Aaron Cornish
M: 07752 201020
Poplar Timber for Sale I have about 250 ton of poplar timber that will be felled in March 2015. It will be roadside and cut into lengths of 2.2 metre.
Biomass or logs.
(16/02/15) Hampshire
Contact: Drew Drew
M: 07720 842451
Oak Sawlogs 5 small lots of oak saw logs for sale. Fence / beam quaility. Most logs small to medium size, random lengths.
Suit mobile saw. Sensible prices.
(12/02/15) Hungerford, Andover, Newbury, Yeovil, Sturminster Newton
Contact: Andrew Starr, Forest Depot
M: 07976 532872
Apple cordwood 1 yr seasoned I have approximately 400 cubic metres of apple cord wood to sell. It has been grubbed since last February. It will all be cut by next week and is currently being stacked at roadside. The butts are approx 12-14 inch diameter and 2 metres length. Please email for photos of the stack.
(10/02/15) Kent
Contact: Steve Pack
M: 07704 715881
Hardwood arb arisings for sale -Tidworth, Hampshire We are currently working in Tidworth Hampshire and have some Lime, Ash, Horse Chestnut, Beech and oak arb arisings. These are for sale in the round by the tipper load for £40 delivered locally (up to ten miles). What we don't sell will be taken off site and back to Yorkshire, we are only on site until the 17 February 2015.
(10/02/15) Tidworth, Hampshire
Contact: CJ Day
M: 07925 319595
Willow Cordwood Will be roadside - mostly willow cordwood, some alder, birch and hazel incuded. Cut this winter. Around 70 cubic meters. Open to offers.
(10/02/15) Haywards Heath, Mid-Sussex
Contact: Jake Whitcroft
M: 07592 353845
Seasoned Ash lengths E.ast Sussex 15 maybe 20 tons of Ash at road side.
Cut at the end of summer 2014. Full length poles, avarage 25/30 foot length.
(10/02/15) rowborough, East Sussex
Contact: Louis Saunders
M: 07823 338325
Large oak lengths for sale Oak trunks around 80cm diameter and cut to 2m lengths. At roadside and can load.
(10/02/15) Thatcham, Berkshire
Contact: James Wakelyn
T: 01488 639345
M: 07887 715670
Mixed Species and Oak Firewood Lots Oak approx 30 cu.m, near Hungerford £38 per cu.m.
Oak approx 80 cu.m. near Andover £38 per cm3
Beech (large)approx 20cm to 45cm approx 25 cu.m. near Newbury £40 cu.m.
Ash/beech/syc/cherry approx 400 cu.m. near Newbury sold as one lot. £45 per cu.m. to be removed after April.
Beech/oak/ash/birch approx 25 cu.m. near Basingstoke $40 per cu.m
(10/02/15) Berkshire and Hampshire
Contact: Andrew Starr, Forest Depot
M: 07976 532872
Chestnut 4 to 18 inches Diameter - Cut to any Length We are now cutting a large area of chestnut.
Timber cut to your specification, very competitive rates.Please contact to discuss your requirements.
(10/02/15) Ashford, Kent (TN26)
Contact: Neil Tutlett
M: 07455 398600
Chestnut Firewood for Sale Around 100 tons at roadside in 2.3m lengths.
8 wheeler access.
(19/01/15) West Kent, near M20
Contact: David Bloxham, Eden Woodlands
T: 01732 867875
M: 07979 828201
"Very dry " softwood for sale Douglas fir,Larch, Noble Fir and Norway Spruce.
3" to 8" diameter,can be cut to your required size.
Small or large loads - good access.
Approx 300 - 400 meters available.
£30 per cubic meter roadside-standing by negotiation.
This wood is currently very dry,ready to burn,standing deadwood.
(20/01/15) Lampeter area, West Wales
Contact: Craig Evans
T: 01269 832609
M: 07989 143868
Approx 100m3 of mixed hard and softwood arb arisings. Various length cords and rings.
Come and collect small or large loads as required, by prior arrangement.
Artic access if required. Forklift loading available
£20 + VAT per m3 (measured by size of trailer/vehicle)
(12/01/15) Hurst, Berkshire
Contact: Jake Rockall
M: 07774 760168
Beech Trunks Various sizes (1-3 ft diameter) and lengths.
Both trunks and limbs.
(12/01/15) Inverness, Scotland
Contact: Deryck Brown
Chestnut Products Chestnut Blanks sold by tonnage road side.
Rails,Clefts,Posts cut to any size required.
Naturally Seasoned Logs Free Local Delivery.
All year round
(12/01/15) Kent
Contact: C. Stewart
T: 01304 841529
M: 07738 155913
Chestnut Cordwood / Firewood £55.00 per cord no VAT.
Available spring /summer 2015.
Will be roadside on A272
Easy access for artic.
Local delivery availible at extra cost
(09/01/15) Petworth, West Sussex
Contact: HenryHJS Land Services
T: 01403 289051
M: 07968 346387
Alder Timber / Cordwood Approx 100t of Alder timber/firewood between 10" and 30" diameter in 3 meter+ lengths.
(05/01/15) Mid- Kent
Contact: Richard Curteis, Aspen Tree Services
T/F: 01622 745503
M: 07831 749285
Pine Roundwood for Sale Around 75 tonnes Scots pine, from 1st thinnings.
At roadside, wagon access OK.
3m lengths, 10-450mm diameter.
Suit woodchip/biomass/firewood.
Sensible offers.
(01/01/15) Hexham, Northumberland
Contact: Tim Fathers
T: 01434 230050
M: 07970 783706
Chestnut Fencing Blanks Cut this winter, 8' Strainers/ 7' Strainers/ 7' Stake Blanks/ 5'6" Stake Blanks.
Other lengths can be cut to order/ also some fire wood/chip wood to come out.
(01/01/15) Battle, East Sussex
Contact: Jon Latter
T: 01323 723913
M: 07752 168443
Seasoned Ash Cordwood For Sale Hardwood Cordwood for sale in 3 metre lengths. Cut and stacked last winter on hard standing with easy access for collection.
Approx.60m3 of Ash (80%), Oak (10%), Field Maple (10%).
Please call or email for further details.
(22/12/14) Royston, Hertfordshire
Contact: Jason Noy
M: 07890 315713
Oak Butts for sale Ten Oak Butts felled 12 months, up to 24inch diameter and 10 to 20ft long, offers.
(18/12/14) Near Lampeter, Mid Wales
Contact: Philip Swain
T: 01570 493284
Timber for Sale, cut last winter and stacked at roadside ready for collection 232 m3 of timber available in 2.5-3.0 m lengths, cut last winter, extracted to roadside ready for collection.

Lot 1 - 55 m3, Sweet chestnut coppice dbh 14-33dbh
Lot 2 - 70 m3, MBL top diameter 10-25 dbh
Lot 3 - 36 m3, 50% Beech, 50% Scots pine
Lot 4 - 40 m3, 60% MBL, 40% Sweet Chestnut
Lot 5 - 6 m3, oak
Lot 6 - 25 m3, 80%oak, 20% MBL average dbh 10.5cm
(18/12/14) Bromley
Contact: Pherenice Worsey-Buck, London Borough of Bromley
T: 0208 461 7521
Seasoned Birch / Oak Cordwood for sale at roadside. Felled as thinnings in the winter of 2013/14. One year seasoned near Esher, Surrey.
Lovely straight poles, up to a diameter of 12 inches, mostly 4 - 10 inches. 100+ cubic metre.
£45 +VAT per cubic metre only. We can arrange transport. Near Esher, Surrey
Contact: Nick Shanks, Bioregional Forestry
M: 07904 954 352
Hardwood Cordwood Ash, oak, sycamore cordwood in 3 meter lengths, 3" to 14" diameter. Many loads available.
Good access for artic
£44 per meter.
(18/12/14) Swindon, Wiltshire
Contact: Jeremy Hawkins
M: 07980 536156
Yew for Longbows or for Wood Turners 5 Yew branches 6 - 7 ft/ 4 - 6 inch diameter and two Yew trunks thick bifurcated though. Photos available...
(18/11/14) Uckfield, East Sussex.
Contact: Sean McLaughlin
8 Ft Birch Lengths Approx. 100 8ft Birch lengths of various diameters. Part of small-scale Birch wood thinning operation.
(15/12/14) Nr. Billingshurst, West Sussex
Contact: James Morgan - RJ Watson Woodland and Countyside
Sweet Chestnut / Silver Birch cordwood 250 cubic meters at roadside. Approx 70% Sweet Chestnut and 30% Silver Birch. 2.3m lengths; 5cm - 35cm diameter. Felled in Feb and March and drying well. Good for putting through firewood processor.
(12/12/14) Savernake Forest, Wiltshire
Contact: Steve Greig
M: 07787 555715
Poplar Sawlogs for Chip or Low-Grade Firewood Poplar sawlogs, full length felled around 100 m3.
Now at roadside, more to fell.
(12/12/14) Warwickshire, Oxfordshire border
Contact: Adam B. Read
M: 07921180924
Western Hemlock Western Hemlock 4 Acre Plantation Berkshire Oxon Border
text: Western hemlock felling de-barking and stacking at roadside in 4m lengths. Dbh 200mm to 400mm. Planted in 1973 over a 4 acres felling in February 2015. It all needs to go, serious offers considered, please give me a call.

Also a small amount of Ash in the round also available, before it becomes firewood.
Plus one wild cherry dbh 350mm straight for 12m any offers considered?
location: Henley On Thames
(12/12/14) Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire
Contact: Ken Scarlett
M: 07852 317512
Softwood Required for Log Building We have an ongoing requirement for winter hand-felled logs for ongoing projects.
5 metre minimum length, 15" mid diameter overbark. Interested in good clean lengths of douglas fir, hemlock, western red cedar, larch, spruce, corsican considered.
Ongoing supply of quantity required to Norfolk, long-term contract a possibility.
(12/12/14) Norfolk
Contact: Danny Wyatt
Large Oak Trunk Beautiful huge trunk available, can be cut to size required. Mid-diameter 1.1m x length 9m.
Milling taking place week 8 December 2014.
Contact me with your requirements.
(08/12/14) Buckinghamshire
Contact: Sally Chilvers
M: 07887 485491
Beech cut trunks for sale Beech trunk cut for sale approx 8 tonne in weight.
Split into 5 large split sections.
One section is. 4 metres long x 1 metre plus
Logs are on the ground, been down 8 weeks
For collection ideally.
(28/11/14) Carmarthenshire
Cheap green timber !! Roughly 25-30 tons of Leylandii, good straight timber.
Mostly in 4.4m lengths and some 2.2m.
Ideal cheap firewood once seasoned.
(28/11/14) West Cornwall
Contact: DaveCombined Tree Services
M: 07790 206316
Hardwood Cordwood for Sale 150-200T of mixed hardwood for sale, all processor size and stacked roadside. Cut Sept-November and will be all roadside by the end of this week.
Collection from Hailsham, minimum of 1 lorry load.
Please call or email for further information, I can give you the details of a known and trusted haulier.
(25/11/14) Hailsham, East Sussex
Contact: David Abbott, Sparowhatch Forestry Ltd.
M: 07896 036437 (8:00 - 5:30)
Sweet Chestnut Cordwood / Firewood We have approx 28m3 of sweet chestnut firewood in 2m lengths roadside in Dorset.
Various diameters from 7cm - 60cm. All cut last winter.
Access is via a chalk farm track and last 400m needs to be reversed down as no turning area. We have had arctics in and I can give contact details for the company used.
(25/11/14) Dorchester, Dorset, DT2 8QE
Contact: Alan Goldstone, AG Tree Services
M: 07403 944331
Free to collector - Artic load of Poplar and Piine Ranging from 8 inch to 2ft + in 4ft to 10ft lengths.
All must be moved in 1 visit to site.
Avaliable January.
(25/11/14) Cambridge area
Contact: Mark Hall
M: 07877 115276
Tree Surgery Logs and Cordwood I have about 100 tons plus of logs and cord wood mixed soft and hard wood. Half of the wood can be collected now, the other half can be collected when the ground has dried out in the spring , it is £35 a ton,
(23/11/14) Tenterden, Kent
Contact: Sarah Vidler
T: 01580 714165
Beech Cordwood & Larch Chipwood 3.1 meter harvester-cut firewood, mainly beech.
Larch Chipwood
Firewood available all year phone for more details
Can arrange fast delivery
(23/11/14) Kent
Contact: David Holmes, South East Forestry
M: 07769 354118
Tree of Heaven Logs for Sale Our Ailthanthus altrissima (Tree of Heaven) has been felled and is now in large pieces ready for the fire, but still in the green. It is high-grade wood similiar to ash.
Offers are welcomed. Buyer collects.
(23/11/14) Cambridge
Contact: Ron Huntsman
T: 01223 501712
Oak Cordwood For Sale 20 cord of seasoned oak cord/slab wood for sale.
Good lorry access. £60 per cord.
(17/11/14) West Sussex
Contact: Henry Nicholls
T: 01403 820068
Oak and Birch Cordwood for sale - buyer collects We have amounts of Oak and Birch cordwood for sale.
You will need a vehicle that can go off road and a trailer.
Must have a chainsaw and NPTC certification and insurance.
(13/11/14) Bookham Commons, Surrey
Contact: Rob Hewer, National Trust
T: 01306 887485
M: 07901 511345
Sweet Chestnut and Larch Standing sweet chestnut (approx. 60m3) and larch (approx. 150m3) for sale.
(13/11/14) Northampton
Contact: Paul Trevor
M: 07734 478446
Alder for Sale 54 cubic metres of Alder for Sale.
4.5 metre lengths. 14 -54 cm diameter.
Felled October, extracted to roadside and accessible.
(10/11/14) Bridgnorth, Shropshire
Contact: Richard Kempsey
M: 07712 439581
Hardwood & Softwood cordwood We have available:
Kent area / Hardwood Oak and Birch 2.3m partly-seasoned over 300 tonnes ready at roadside.
Hardwood 2.3m Oak and Birch available in Cornwall.
Douglas Fir saw log under 30cm and above 30cm top dia.
3.7m 4.9m 7.4m lengths
Large Softwood Pine 10" - 30" at roadside in Cornwall £25 per tonne over 450 tonnes.
All timber is roadside. Can deliver anywhere in UK at your cost.
(10/11/14) Cornwall & Kent
Contact: Jason CFW Cornwall
T: 01209 899301
M: 07809 640839
Corsican Pine for Sale Lorry load of Corsican pine for sale. 2.4 m lengths. 4-12 inches diameter. Was felled in January, at trackside, good access for 8 wheeler.
(10/11/14) Crowborough, East Sussex
Contact: Becky Lupton
M: 07981 175902
Corsican Pine For sale in New Year.
4 inch to 10 inch diameter, about 1,000 ton.
Collection only, but loading possible.
(08/11/14) Lincolnshire
Contact: Mick Hill
M: 07831 835594
Barter Exchange, Sussex We need help with felling birch in exchange for felling.
For example, a 1/2 day or full day's felling and you can have whatever you manage to fell. You must be qualified to use a chainsaw.
(03/11/14) Near Horsham West Sussex
Contact: Susan Davis
T: 01273 509402
M: 07774 817460
European Larch Large random length European larch logs, some boat skin quality.
(04/11/14) Wye valley, Monmouth
Contact: Paul Arkell
T: 01452 750677
M: 07789 207105
Large Dead Elm Just felled dead Elm tree, approx 150 yrs old.
Trunk diameter 5ft & 17ft long, good colour, no shake.
(31/10/14) Montrose Scotland
Contact: Martin Sherrit
T: 01674 660414
M: 079066 48912
Sweet Chestnut Handcut chestnut 3m lengths, much suitable for fencing conversion. Good access, can be loaded.
(26/10/14) West Kent
Contact: Scott Fraser
M: 07764 572238
Western Hemlock Felled within last 12 months, range of diameter, larger at 8' and smaller at 3m. Can be loaded.
(26/10/14) West Kent
Contact: Scott Fraser
M: 07764 572238
Standing Coppice for Sale We are offering standing timber mainly sweet chestnut, hornbeam and oak. Also some birch. There are two plots of 0.47 ha and 0.64ha available now with three more to follow in Jan 2015.

The woodland is near Canterbury with road access along the north boundary. The felling licence is in place.
(26/10/14) Canterbury, Kent
Contact: Sam Howard
Oak for Carving 4 Pieces of Oak seasoned for 8yrs. Can be used for carving etc. Sizes from 13" x 3" other end is 20"x 7" x 167"
to 25"x 7"x 167 long
Min Price accepted £90.00
All 4 sold together.
(24/10/14) Arundel, West Sussex
Contact: James Stepney, Logs Sussex
T: 01903 367213
M: 07415 605409
Hardwood firewood and Softwood Log / Chip Available Hardwood; processor and oversize (separate), 2.3s oak / ash / beech / lime / birch.
*1 30m3 load s.chestnut chip in 3.7.
Softwood as follows:
7.4 Log DF (300 tonne)
*6.1 Log SS (bugger all)
4.9 Log SS/DF (300 tonne)
3.7 Log 20+top - JL. (1200 tonne)
3.1 Chip - JL (clean, 3000 tonne) like bars - very clean and straight.
*3.7 Chip - MC (inc infected JL - 150 tonne)
*3.1 Bar - MC (inc infected JL - 90 tonne)
(25/10/14) Devon
Contact: Jon Harvey
T: 01752 696595
Monterey pine and macrocarpa firewood available 60-80 tons of large diameter Monterey pine and macrocarpa, has been stacked since December/ January so classed as part seasoned.
All timber at roadside with good access for 6/8 wheeler
Offers invited
(21/10/14) West Cornwall
Contact: Dave - Combined Tree Services
M: 07790 206316
Chestnut Lengths by the Load or Cut to Order For sale chestnut lengths

9'6 rail lengths
6'6 mortice post lengths
5,5'6,6 ft post lengths
7ft strainer lenghts
Also can cut lengths to order
Collection road side unfortunately due to site restrictions 8 wheeler only.
(21/10/14) Near Maidstone, Kent
Contact: Gary Potter
T: 01233 771948
M: 07789 860165
Green and Seasoned softwood available ideal processor material Approximately 350-400 tons of seasoned Douglas and clean larch available in 2.4's and ideal for a processor.

100-150 tons of recently cut Douglas in 2.4's and ideal for a processor.

200-300 tons of Sitka spruce now being felled mostly 2.4's processor size but some decent size saw logs as well.

Good access and all will be at roadside.
Please call for more details
(21/10/14) Mid/West Cornwall
Contact: Dave - Combined Tree Services
M: 07790 206316
Cord wood for sale Three cubic metres of Larch and Spruce logs stacked ride side with good access. Felled last year. Straight stems up to 7" in diameter, excellent firewood.
£50 per M3
Buyer collects by arrangement
(19/10/14) Llanwrda, SA19 8HD
Contact: Simon Duncan
M: 07879 010537
Ash cordwood for sale Roadside ash (mainly ash some cherry and hazel) for sale was Felled this summer.
3.2 metres in length and ranging in size, largest about 20 inch. £45 per ton. Email for more details.
(13/10/14) Canterbury, Kent
Contact: Max Coleman
M: 07816 966468
Standing Lime Tree Available Lime tree in small suburban garden ready to be felled. Trunk measures approx 210cm and height of trunk before branching off is approx 250cm. Free for removal. Garden access for easy removal.
(13/10/14) Surbiton, Surrey. KT6
Contact: Sarah O'Hare
M: 07779 600226
Felled Oak and Ash Stems We have a number of large oak and ash stems recently felled that are too good for firewood. Buyer would have to extract. There is vehicle access into the woodland up to a point and also via a neighbouring field. Well worth a look.
(13/10/14) Poulton Wood Nature Reserve, Aldington, Ashford, Kent
Contact: Lynn Cooke, Poulton Woodworks
T: 01233 720163
Seasoned Timber I have around 200 cubic meters of mainly conifer for sale. It has all been split and stacked and is around 15% moisture so ready to burn now. Starting price is £40 per Tonne. Grab yourself a deal.
(13/10/14) Tonbridge, Kent
Contact: Duncan Simpson, Tree Services Ltd.
M: 07973264952
Larch and Douglas Sawlogs at Roadside 15 Tonnes of Larch Sawlogs in 16' lengths at roadside.
10 Tonnes of both Douglas and Spruce Sawlogs in 16' at roadside. Artic access.
All good size and cleanly cut.
(13/10/14) Devon/Somerset border
Contact: Will Wallis
T: 07879 626949
M: 07900 510916
Felled Blue Cedar We have recently had a Blue Cedar felled. We are left with the cleaned up trunk size 12 metres long, 0.95 m at the base and 0.35 metres at the top. It's fairly straight.
Fairly accessible and near a tarmac track.
Buyer collects. Offers please.
(13/10/14) Snowdonia, near Nant Gwynant
Contact: Jeff Handley
Seasoned Beech Cordwood Cut to 2.4m at roadside. Ready to process and sell!
(13/10/14) Newbury, Berkshire
Contact: Adam DeMarco
T: 07768 295031
M: 07768 295031
Yew Tree and Branch Wood 200 year old tree. Very recently felled.
Main trunk 134" circumference x 2m
Approx 6 tons in total. Photos can be sent.
(13/10/14) Helston, Cornwall
Contact: Toby Clark
M: 07788 720427
Large Sweet Chestnut I'm about to fell some large sweet chestnuts some have been planked in the past and have made excellent useful timber
If your interested pleace contact me before they end up as firewood(13/10/14) Kent
Contact: Bob Brooks, Kent Forestry Services
T: 0208 405 0559
M: 07751 251682
Chestnut Products We provide Chestnut stakes, struts and strainers, pergola poles, cleft post and rail, tree and plant stakes, bean and pea sticks, walking stick blanks. We also offer Fencing Services, Round Timber Frame Garden Buildings and Bespoke Greenwood Furniture
We can also offer Low Impact Forestry Services and Coppice works.

If it's made of Chestnut we can try and supply it!
(31/03/13) Rogate, West Sussex
Contact: Barry and Lisa @Simply Chestnut
M: 01730 894984
Softwood Cordwood Softwood for firewood or suitable for kindling by the lorry load,ideal for processor, good quality cut to 3metres.
(04/10/14) Berkhamstead , Herts
Contact: Neil Griffiths
T: 01544 318888
M: 07778 340468
Arb waste - mixed species / sizes Arb waste for Firewood, bulker lorries filled.
(04/10/14) Cambridge
Contact: Newman Farms
M: 07919 037225
Seasoned Beech Cordwood Cut to 2.4m at roadside.
(11/04/14) Newbury. Berks
Contact: James Wakelyn
T: 01488 639345
M: 07887 715670
Oak/Ash/Silver Birch Cord For Sale I have approx 150 Tonnes of Oak and Ash cord for sale, approx 2.5 lengths. Also some Silver birch.
Cut January/Feb 2014.
£60.00 per tonne.
(24/09/14) Warwickshire
Contact: Phil Bett
M: 07817 531866
Applewood 10 acre orchard being cleared.
Can be logged and split.
Offers invited.
(22/09/14) Wisbech
Contact: R. Blackmore
M: 07867 965464
Hardwood and softwood Firewood Cordwood Beech, Ash, Sycamore, English Oak & Birch.
Lots of 4" - 12"
lots of 12"- 30"
2.3m length firewood.
Oak Sawlogs also available.

Softwood - Spruce, Larch, Pine Firewood
Lots of 4" - 12"
Lots of 12" +

Delivery available all over the UK at cost.
(22/09/14) Cornwall /Devon
Contact: Jason, Thomas Forestry
T: 01209 899301
Seasoned Sweet Chestnut for Sale Very dry Sweet chestnut cordwood that was cut dead standing
and is ready for burning!!
Will go through a log processor
At roadside near Ashford, Kent
(15/09/14) Ashford, Kent
Contact: Charlie Pajak
T: 01233 612008
M: 07548 931966
Standing Chestnut Coppice For Sale By Tender Approximately 30 acres of high quality FSC certified chestnut coppice in Kent to be sold by tender on Monday 13th October 2014. Please contact Anthony Frampton or David Keeler to register your interest and receive tender details.
(13/09/14) between Maidstone and Tonbridge in Kent
Contact: Anthony Frampton / David Keeler
T: 01622 820560
M: 07779 614890
Ash, Sycamore and Cherry suitable for processing We have around 1,000 tonnes of good quality ash and some mixed sycamore and cherry. It is freshly cut at 15" down x 2.5m long, and priced at roadside for:
Ash - £60.00 per tonne
Sycamore and Cherry - £50.00 per tonne.
Please enquire by mobile (Geoff) for up to date quantities and deliveries.
(13/09/14) South Oxfordshire
Contact: Geoff Byatt
M: 07572 691787
Free Basket Willow Coppice We are looking for someone to enter a long term arrangement to coppice and use our 600-800 willows of many varieties suitable for basket weaving. We would prefer to support a new or small business, but any proposal would be considered.
(04/09/14) Canterbury, Kent
Contact: Steve Rogers
M: 07525 041617
conifer chipwood Large quantity of softwood poles suitable for chip roadside
(01/09/14) Berkhamstead area, Buckinghamshire
Contact: Neil Griffiths
T: 01544 318888
M: 07778 340468
350 Mature Douglas Fir, Llangollen Standing timber for sale - 350 Mature Douglas Fir average DBH 55cm.

Contact via email for lot information and conditions.
Hard access tracks to plot directly off A5.
(01/09/14) Near Llangollen
Contact: Matt Lomax
M: 07825 720308
Yew Logs & Branchwood for Sale-Monmouth I have just felled 3 medium-sized yew trees in the garden and there is a reasonable quantity of branchwood and one large stem available. The stem would require either cutting up or a small hiab to collect. Photos can be sent if required
(19/08/14) Monmouth
Contact: Julian Burchby, Pryor and Rickett Silviculture
M: 07775 985874
Standing trees - Beech I have standing trees for sale:
Fir - circumference 71inch
Beech - circumference 93 inch
Beech - circumference 54 inch
Beech - circumference 88 inch
Beech - circumference 92 inch
Beech - circumference 104 inch
Beech - circumference 11.5 foot
Pine - circumference 74 inch (live)
The beech and fir all died early this year
So seasoned.
(17/08/14) Newbury, Berkshire
Contact: Adam Demarco
M: 07768 295031
Oak Wood Recently felled an oak tree in garden, lots of logs and perfect smaller bits for firewood with larger branches and stump for other uses if not split into firewood. The tree spanned some 50ft and has currently taken over an area in the garden spanning 10m2... All the wood in garden from the cut tree £150.00 and happy to help load a vehicle to collect. If interested, please email.
(12/08/14) Bournemouth
Contact: Carl Chapman
For sale Large oak I have a large amount of oak I wish to sell, from small logs to very large pieces of trunk. Please email me if interested. (07/08/14) Southampton
Contact: Nicky Smith
Large Oak Hulks I have 3 sections of a wind-blown oak, track side ready to be removed.
1) 300 (L) x 81 (D) cm
2) 236 (L) x 71 (D) cm
3) 227 (L) x 27 (D) cm
Open to sensible offers.
Photos availble on request, any questions please ask.
(07/08/14) Coventry
Contact: Michael Thackwray
Sweet Chestnut All sizes, ideal for posts or rails or firewood. Cut at 3m lengths.
(07/08/14) Berkshire
Contact: James Wakelyn
T: 01488 639345
M: 07887 715670
Seasoned Firewood / Cordwood Beech firewood - has been cut for 18 months. Harvester cut.

(07/08/13) East Sussex
Contact: Russell Staton
M: 07880 837471
Sitka Spruce at roadside, Devon Available soon about 500m3 of mature Sitka (36 yrs) At roadside and cut to requirements. Average diameter at chest height 275 to 300mm. Some larger at 500mm. Offers invited per m3.
(07/08/14) Devon A361 19 miles Jct 27 M5
Contact: Howard Reeves
T: 01398 341535
Hardwood Cordwood for Sale Approx 30 tonnes of high quality hardwood cordwood for sale at roadside. Accessible by artic. Mostly hornbeam, with a small amount of ash and oak mixed in. Cut winter 2013/4 except for a small amount from winter 2012/3. Cut to 16 foot lengths (with a couple of 22ft lengths). Diameters typically 30cm but range from 15cm to 60cm. £42 / tonne wanted.
(07/08/14) Robertsbridge, East Sussex
Contact: James Fraser
Norway Spruce at Roadside, Dorset We have approx 24.5 m3 of norway spruce in 2.4m lengths available roadside. Diameters vary as P66 but left unmanaged until now. Would prefer to sell by volume if possible. I can email photos of the stack if required.
- £ offers please.
(28/07/14) Dorchester, Dorset, DT2
Contact: Alan Goldstone, AG Tree Services
M: 07403 944331
Cordwood For Sale Large quantity of hardwood cord - lower grade suitable for chainsaw. Some better grade mixed in. Price reflects grade.
(24/07/14) National - regularly delivering all over England
Contact: Greg Vickers
M: 07774 164 205
Poplar Roundwood for Sale at Roadside or Delivered We have approx 150-200 tonnes of small-diameter processor friendly Poplar for sale. Either for collection from Lowick Northants or delivered in locally in bulk loads.
(24/07/14) Lowick, Northants
Contact: Peter Haine
M: 07875 386674
Oak cord firewood Oak firewood, good HGV access. Cut winter 2014. Prices from £35/m3. Please enquire using my mobile. Thanks
(24/07/14) Framfield, East Sussex
Contact: Jason Martin
M: 07889 271582
Sweet chestnut / mixed coppice standing sale Sweet chestnut and mixed coppice available for cutting this winter. 6ha total,in several lots. E-mail for further info / tender docs.
(22/07/14) Mid-Kent
Contact: Julian Miller, Miller Land Management
T: 01304 447867
M: 07806 567949
Norway Spruce Large volume of Norway spruce 2800m3. Sawlogs ,firewood and pulpwood available.
Pulp and firewood cut to 3.3 meters £27.50 roadside.
Sawlogs £38.50 can cut to order bottom dia up to 25 inches.
(08/07/14) Stow on the Wold
Contact: Luke Bailey, Shire Forestry Ltd.
M: 07919 264306
Cordwood for sale Up to 400 m3 of cordwood for sale.
Mainly oak and ash. 2.5 m lengths.
(08/07/14) Nr Sturminster Newton, North Dorset, DT10
Contact: Charlie de Pelet
M: 07980 584550
Free wood in return for felling and removing About 50 40yr old pine trees. Free in return for felling and removing from site.
(01/07/14) Ashurst Wood near East Grinstead
Contact: Hilary Anson
M: 07837 175691
Hardwood Cordwood For Sale Hornbeam and ash, recently cut to 3 metre lengths.
150 cbm at roadside.
(25/06/14) Uckfield, East Sussex.
Contact: Nick Shanks
M: 07547 192045
hardwood Cordwood for Sale 3m length cordwood for sale, oak and ash.
Suitable for firewood processor.
£45 per ton, roadside.
(23/06/14) Nottinghamshire and the surrounding area
Contact: Peter Davies
M: 07902 535351
95 Spruce logs for sale - Free! 95 spruce logs, between 3.5m - 5m long. Good and dry.
For collection in Paddington, London.
We are willing to release these free of charge for removal before 11th July - give us a ring to discuss!
(23/06/14) London
Contact: Teya Lanzon, Punchdrunk
M: 07507 844597
Large Hardwood Logs suitable for sculpting Quantity of mixed broadleaf large diameter logs suitable for tree sculpting.
(13/06/14) Peasmarsh, East Sussex
Contact: Rick Vallis
M: 07818 531492
Roadside Hardwood Firewood 120m3 of mixed hardwood for sale near Lewes.
Hornbeam, Birch, Sycamore, Ash, Chestnut etc. around 15% chestnut. Recently-cut. Prices from £35/m3.

Please call between 0900 and 1700, Mon - Fri.
location: Nr Lewes
(11/06/14) East Sussex
Contact: Thomas Simmons, Dowdeswell Forestry
M: 07912 547570
Hardwood Cordwood for Sale Available in 2.4m lengths with varying diameters.

Approx 50 tons of oak thinnings / branch wood as well as small quantity of ash and hornbeam underwood cut Jan /Feb 2014.

Approx 30 tons silver birch cut May 2014.

Artic access at both sites with a good driver, or local delivery with tractor and trailer at additional cost.
(11/06/14) Near Ashford, Kent
Contact: Gareth Amos, Linden Services
M: 07716 006785
Standing Beech for Sale Approx 150 m3 of mature standing beech for sale.
(11/06/14) North-west of Chesterfield, Derbyshire
Contact: William Thornhill, Chesterfield Council
T: 01246 345127
Hardwood Cordwood for Sale About 250 tons of mixed hardwood (ash, oak, beech, birch etc.) 10ft long cordwood, various diameters.
Most of it well-seasoned.
£55 per ton ono.
(09/06/14) Near Stamford, Lincs
Contact: James Knott
T: 01778 345101
M: 07788 883102
3 fallen/felled Beech & 1 conifer Trees available (free) and several large boughs I've got 2 1/2 acres of woodland which I'm trying to keep tidy. 4 fallen / felled trees available and also several large, fallen boughs - Beech & 1 conifer (might be cedar not sure which?). If you cut up I'll help load your trailer.

Also hundreds of large and small branches and piles of chopped wood (but probably damp & may be >5 yrs old) Only inquire if you have chainsaw and your own trailer and can take several tonnes, or do many trips.
(09/06/14) Amersham, Bucks
Contact: Nick Holland
M: 01494 763168
Scots Pine felled for sale 30 cubic metres of scots pine saw logs and oversized saw logs at roadside now.
up to 3.6 long and max 500mm diameter.
(02/06/14) West Worcestershire
Contact: Phil Hopkinson
T: 01684 574865
M: 07946 169123
Oak and Chestnut Sawlogs near Plymouth Available now.
Sizes from 31 cubic feet a log to 234.
(30/05/14) Plymouth, Devon
Contact: Freya Williams
Ash for Milling in Uckfield, East Sussex I have between 8 and 10 Ash stems that could go for milling from a thinning site.
Stems are above 17" in diameter and are currently in length. Stems are still in the woods and can be viewed any time. There are also a few Oak stems of similar dimensions avaliable to the buyer.
(26/05/14) Uckfield, East Sussex
Contact: David Abbott, Sparowhatch Forestry Ltd.
M: 07896 036437
Hardwood cordwood for sale. Plymouth area 5 tonne of hardwood for sale, ready in the next month.
Mainly clean straight ash.
6-12 inch poles. Up to 6ft lenths.
Viewing welcome.
£60 per ton = £300
(26/05/14) Plymouth, Devon
Contact: Freya Williams
Larch timber for sale 150+ tonnes of Larch timber and 5+ tonnes of hardwood timber for sale. Cut to 4 metres length and stacked.

Access for articulated lorries is limited, but tractor and trailer/forwarder is possible.
(26/05/14) Chorleywood, Hertfordshire
Contact: Alex Laurie
T: 01992 556612
M: 07812 323281
Approx 1000 Standing Noble Fir Most around 35ft tall, 4"-12" diameter. Good access
(22/01/15) Dover, Kent
Contact: Rory MacWatt
M: 07771 364150
Oak for Sale I have the following avaliable for sale in the next few weeks:
3x oak stems roughly 8m3 of clean timber in all 3. Also some smaller lengths above the first branch.

There will also be around an 8 wheeler load of sycamore and oak firewood cut to 2.4m lengths.
(26/05/14) Virginia Water, Surrey
Contact: David Abbott, Sparowhatch Forestry Ltd.
M: 07896 036437 (8am-5pm)
Approx 25 Leylandii During June 2014 I will have a large amount of Leylandii to be felled and removed from site.
My preference would be for someone to remove from site and take the timber free of charge.
Location will be on the eastern outskirts of Cardiff.
(16/05/14) Cardiff, eastern side
Contact: Tony Quince, Groundwork
T: 01495 222605
Large ash trunk Large straight trunk of an ash tree, 12ft long & 8ft circ (2.75ft diameter at base). By arrangement we could possibly cut it to your requirements. Photo's available!
(07/05/14) Near Royston
Contact: Gareth Thompson, Leaf and Lawn
M: 07958 164458
Yew tree trunks for sale I have 2 yew tree trunks for sale near Maidstone in Kent- would need collecting.
Open to offers.
(06/05/14) Maidstone, Kent
Contact: Nicola Jackson
Free Chestnut We are looking for someone to come to a copse and take away free 15-20 year old Chestnut that has already been felled. This is a clear-up job. You are also welcome to thin but we have been having problems with existing coppice workers making a mess. you MUST be tidy or you shall be asked to leave.
(12/08/14) Bedham, Nr Petworth, West Sussex
Contact: Rob Watson
T: 01403 700342
Standing Pine for sale Pine (Pinus sylvestris) thinnings approx 200 trees 40 years old growing on 3Ha for sale standing
(04/05/14) Sussex, near East Grinstead
Contact: J S Dunnett
T: 01883 714760
Free Willow Wood A very large willow has to come down as it is unsafe. There will be a very large pile of wood free to anyone that can take it away. Possibly for firewood? The work is planned for January.

(01/01/15) Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire
Contact: Maggie McHugh
M: 07985 930499
Mulberry for sale Pictures here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fofrb3605jevj6h/I7miPOZ9D6
Offers please.
(04/05/14) Southampton, Hampshire
Contact: Bert Dunn
Large butts for sale I have one oak, one beech and three sweet chestnut butts for sale, all roughly 10 feet long. Open to sensible offers, can help with loading, would consider delivery if it local.
(24/04/14) Hertfordshire
Contact: Oliver Berti
M: 07766 044989
Firewood / Cord wood / timber for Sale Approx 200 tonne of Poplar for firewood or timber.
Can stack road side. From 6" to 3' diameter.
£25 per ton.
(24/04/14) Lewes, East Sussex
Contact: Robert Fielden
M: 07976 725502
Ash, Beech and Lime Timber in the round for turning or greenwood work.
We have roughly 30 lengths of mainly ash, but also some beech and lime. Ideal for working green. Between 6 and 14 inch diameter, most cut to 5 foot. Priced per piece depending on volume £5 - £30.
(24/04/14) Bristol
Contact: Duncan Winton
M: 07966 659810
Cordwood Softwood and hardwood cordavailable in large quantities.
Machine loaded at our yard, near Junction 8 on the M25.
Can deliver 20 / 23 ton loads at cost.
(24/04/14) Surrey
Contact: Vic Muggeridge, M & L Contractors
T: 0208 786 7383
M: 07703 519639
Sycamore timber for sale Felled tree, too big for me to move.
(24/04/14) Forest of Dean, Glos
Hardwood Cordwood - West Sussex I have between 15 and 30 m3 of good processor-sized hardwood cordwood near Ockley, all felled this winter.
I can deliver with tractor and trailer within local area (No access for lorry).
(26/04/14) Ockley, Nr Horsham, Surrey
Contact: David Abbott, Sparowhatch Forestry Ltd.
M: 07896 036437 (8:00 - 5:30)
Fuelwood / Chip Lodgepole pine first thinnings, 100 tonne plus cut to 3.2m length, 3-12 inch diameter.
At roadside. ideal for firewood processors
(24/04/14) Staffordshire
Contact: Alan Twemlow
M: 07779 101289
140 tonnes (approx) of softwood. Great for Biomass, chipboard etc we have approx 5 artic loads of what was leylandii in straight lengths 5m - 11m.
(24/04/14) Nr Hindhead, Surrey
Contact: William Benson
M: 07976 983414
Occasional wood available We cut down trees of all kinds on an occasional basis, and would like to explore with you your timber requirements. Perhaps you are a small milling operation or a wood turner?
(14/04/14) Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire
Contact: Gareth Thompson, Leaf and Lawn
M: 07958 164458
Lime Logs for Carving Approx 12 tonnes of large-diameter sound lime logs ideal for carving.
(14/04/14) Thetford, Norfolk
Contact: Andrew Falcon
T: 01362 821082
M: 07774 694771
Sweet Chestnut -standing coppice Over 1 acre Standing Chestnut coppice around 9-10 years old available for fencing, or firewood. and over 1 acre mature Ash and Chestnut good size 10"-18" good for sawn timber.

Happy to fell, or have felled, or sawn - good access for extraction will be created to roadside & hardstanding. app 10 arctic loads available from Winter 2014. Happy for part-load, or collection.
(11/04/14) Wateringbury, Kent
Contact: Henry Boorman
M: 07917 117928
Chestnut Logs 5-11ft round 11-15ft long We have around 150 logs in Canterbury, Kent area. Varying sizes and prices. Good ground, durable timber. Nice clean logs.
(11/04/14) Canterbury, Kent
Contact: Samuel Boon
M: 07741 014573
4000 apple trees plus 100 very tall poplar Standing timber, 4000 apple trees planted in 1985, approx. 25cm girth, at least 1.5m to branches. For logs or whole tree processing. Can be left to dry out.
Plus 100 straight tall poplar, well over 100ft.(Will measure accurately today)
Photos of all available on request.
(03/04/14) Near Hereford
Contact: Julian Cotton
M: 07808 611027
Walnut Approx. 10foot x 22inch max. The tree had to be felled following storm. Good condition.
location: Bournemouth
(04/05/14) Bournemouth
Contact: Norman Willis
T: 01202 747934
M: 07970 347584
Poplar I have some Populus canescens to come down on a site clearance. It has a large butt approx 2-1/2 foot dia.10' length then 5 stems off of that very straight around 18" dia. Approx 30-40' useable timber. Location is Robertsbridge East Sussex for direct extraction from roadside or limited access from the yard in Hawkhurst Kent.
Offers per M3 welcome.
(30/03/14) Robertsbridge, East Sussex
Contact: Matthew Gurney
T: 01580 830337
M: 07968 566371
Large Milling Oak Sawlogs Oak burrs from 3ft wide to 3m long.
also nice big milling oak. Make nice beams and planking.
(30/03/14) Derby
Contact: Luke Evans, Buildings Farm Woodyard
M: 07512 843792
Oak Cordwood For Sale Ideal for processors. Price per cubic metre plus vat.
Roadside Access.No transport.
(29/03/14) Devon
Contact: Simon Shadrick
T: 01409 211605
M: 07971 531825
Oak Tree for Sale Part-fallen due to recent winds. The diameter of the main trunk is approximately 54 inches, with 25 to 30 feet in height and still standing. Top part of the tree has sheared off in the strong winds and has left the trunk standing.

Open to offers to clear. Access available to roadside. I can supply photographs.
(25/03/14) Near Pinner/Harrow
Contact: Indy Lotay
M: 07956 803010
Cherry Tree to be felled What would you offer for a cherry tree (approx. 6 feet in circumference at base) to be felled soon.
Contact me for more detail if interested.
(25/03/14) Maresfield, East Sussex
Contact: David Cottingham
T: 01252 338529
250 tons of premium quality, clean cord wood (90% ash) Fantastic quality straight poles 10in to 18in dia perfect for processor in the Plymouth area, good hard standing at roadside.
Loads will be coming roadside from late May onwards, will sell part-loads and cut to preferred lengths if asked, can also arrange haulage if needs be.
The stacks will be guarded 24/7 and buyer inspection very welcome.
Price £60.00 per ton at roadside due to very high quality timber.
(21/03/14) Plymouth area, Devon
Contact: Marie James
Sweet Chestnut Saw Logs For Sale Nice straight Sweet chestnut sawlogs for sale by the roadside.
Recently felled, up to 10" in diameter and 14ft long down to fencing size.
£35 - £50/ tonne
(19/03/14) Beaksbourne nr. Canterbury
Contact: Adam Whitaker
M: 07592 278123
Cordwood Supplied Hardwood and Softwood cord for sale thoughout the year.
Delivery arranged across East Anglia
(17/03/14) East Anglia
Contact: Antony Canham
T: 01362 851930
M: 07879 495445
Large Beech trunks to clear 1x lots of 80cm diameter whole tree length,
and a 130cm diameter butt 6m long.
Pics available.
(30/03/14) Newbury, Berks
Contact: James Wakelyn
T: 01488 639345
M: 07887 715670
Elm for Sale Straight elm for sale - came down in high wind a couple of weeks ago. 6m long straight bole and diameter of approx. 500mm down to 350mm. Second piece 2.5m long and approx. 330mm down to 220mm diameter. Already de-branched and root cut off.
(17/3/14) Essex
Contact: Kevin Dorset
M: 07974 942754
12 acres of standing and fallen deadwood for sale Standing and fallen dry,ready to burn/process.
Spruce and Douglas Fir timber from an unthinned 54 year old plantation.
Offers invited for:
Self-cut and collect -1 offer for the lot,
Rideside lengths - per m3
Cut logs - per m3
Field access.
Approx volume 300m3
location: West Wales ,Lampeter area. West Wales, Lampeter area.
Contact: Craig Evans
T: 01269 832609
M: 07989 143868
Standing Walnut Standing walnut approx 2m+ in girth, about 2.5m main trunk height. More details (pictures etc) on request. Buyer must fell. All reasonable offers considered.
(12/03/14) Winchester, Hampshire
Contact: Tony Cook
Walnut Trunk for Sale Decent lengths of Walnut for furniture making for sale as tree needs to be felled.
Tree about 150 years old. Pics can be added on request.
Best offer accepted.
(07/03/14) Norfolk
Contact: James Garner
T: 01328 701948
M: 07792 127253
Arb waste Mixed species cordwood in 1 meter lengths. 10 tonnes available.Cut this season when clearing ditch banks on farm land.Continuous supply available.
(28/02/14) Cambridge
Contact: James P X Farms
T: 01954 210211
Hornbeam log wood I have a large amount of hornbeam log wood for sale, in various lengths can cut sizes to suit you. Most is straight and suitable for a processor. All cut this winter so is unseasoned. Collection or delivery.
(28/02/14) Crowborough, East Sussex
Contact: Matt Gurden
M: 07757 360669
Pine Logs 5 cubic metres of pine logs from small woodland for sale.
Trees mostly 20-30cm diameter at breast height, now in 2m lengths. Longer lengths available if required.
Regular supplies available.
(25/02/14) Grantown on Spey, Inverness-shire
Contact: Graham Hamilton
T: 01479 831715
Elm Trunk 19ft Elm tree trunk with 3ft narrowing to 2.6ft diameter for sale.
(25/02/14) Essex
Contact: John Savage
T: 01371 874704
Pippy Oak Log for sale We have one 52 cubic ft Pippy Oak log for sale. It is approximatety 8ft long and ideal for furniture making.
I can e-mail pictures on request.
(25/02/14) Buntingford, Herts
Contact: Philip Newson
T: 01763 274922
Walnut Tree for Sale Due to being felled by recent winds. Over 150 years old. Girth at six feet from base of trunk is 3.2 metres.
Good length of trunk to main limbs.
Access good for sawing.Can supply photographs.
Excellent wood for fine furniture.
Best offers.
(24/02/14) Near Leominster, Herefordshire
Contact: Celia Brigstocke
M: 07790 302131
Larch Logs We have about 150-200 tonnes of larch logs for sale. 12ft long between 9 and 20 inch in diameter. Based by Narberth in Pembrokeshire postcode SA67 8AD We will have more in the next few months that can be cut to any length
(24/02/14) Narberth, Pembrokeshire
Contact: Forestry Land Consultant
T: 01834 891315
Biofuel Ready to burn 2.9m softwood lengths. Delivered by the lorry load. Full load approx 33 cubic metres - at least 3 bays of 11m each.
Sent from site in North Wales. local delivery self-offloader from £1,200 per load
(24/02/14) North Wales and borders
Contact: John Flack
M: 07831 166822
Hazel Coppice Hazel near Norwich Norfolk for sale standing
(11/02/14) Norfolk
Contact: Andrew Burton
T: 01692 651021
Roadside Mature Oak stem for Sale Mature oak felled and within 15ft of roadside.
Approx 36inch by 20ft tall
No splits or decay. Straight bit of timber.
Open to offers.
(13/02/14) Glasgow
Contact: Martyn Grant, Treetment
T: 0141 891 8724
M: 07872 147453
1 hectare of Woodland, c.120 trees to be felled. I have 1 hectare of woodland which is approx 15-25 years old and is a mix of hardwood (mainly ash) and some softwood. Felling license to thin woodland and fell 120 trees in place. Site 3 mins from A3 with immediate access from road.
(09/02/14) Guildford, Surrey
Contact: Madeleine Weightman
M: 07740 940789
Chestnut and oak offered in exchange for its removal 30 acre Smallholding on side of Blackdown, West Sussex needs extensive work removing tree canopy from fence lines and gorse and bramble clearance. I am unable to afford payment so am offering payment in the timber you produce. There are a couple of mature oaks need attention also so you need experience in working at heights. Canopy is mostly sweet chestnut and a lot of it is pretty sizeable so you will need to be equipped to deal with 20-30 foot height overhangs. I need a tidy job with all wood and brambles removed/burnt as you work because I have sheep and brambles and wool are not a good match!
Very wet ground so you will need a quad-bike and light trailer, any other vehicle will not get up here until Spring. However I need this work carried out asap.
(09/02/14) Blackdown, West Sussex
Contact: Samantha May
M: 07851 845658
Sale of Felled Oak I have a parcel of 76No. felled pedunculate oak butts, volume 64.41 m3 (1787 hoppus cubic feet) and 6No. fine Sweet chestnut butts, volume 10.8m3, (300 hoppus cubic feet) all at roadside.
Would suit green-woodworker, supplier of oak flooring etc.
Seeking £3 - £4 per hoppus cubic foot (oak), £5/ hoppus cubic foot (chestnut)
location: Stoke Fleming, Dartmouth, Devon Stoke Fleming, near Dartmouth, South Devon
Contact: Rob O'Bryen
T: 01837 840525
Oak Milling Logs - Ideal for furniture or planking We have the following oak butts for milling available now. Positioned with good road side access ready for collection near Royal Wootton Bassett, not far from M4 Junction 16. Good dark Oak grown on clay and felled as part of a woodland management plan.

Please do not contact if you are after cordwood! We are looking for offers in the region of £4 to £6 a hoppus foot. Totals below are in hoppus foot. Would consider a part-sale.
Please contact John if you would like further information, or to arrange a viewing.
If you require transport Bevan Transport (01793 770917) are a local firm who have hauled timber from us before.

Length 18 Quarter Girth 18 Total 40.50
Length 15.5 Quarter Girth 18 Total 33.75 ( lightning )
Length 19 Quarter Girth 24 Total 76
Length 24.75 Quarter Girth 20 Total 66.67
Length 25 Quarter Girth 18 Total 56.25
Length 12 Quarter Girth 21 Total 36.75 ( split )
Length 27 Quarter Girth 17 Total 54.19
Length 21 Quarter Girth 18.25 Total 48.57
Length 15 Quarter Girth 17.75 Total 32.82
Length 21 Quarter Girth 17.5 Total 44.66
Length 23 Quarter Girth 17 Total 46.16
Length 23 Quarter Girth 17 Total 46.16
Length 17 Quarter Girth 19 Total 42.62
Length 25.5 Quarter Girth13.5 Total 31.64
Length 22 Quarter Girth 17 Total 44.15

(13/09/13) North Wiltshire
Contact: John Gantlett
M: 07795 253853
Felled Mature Spruce Large quantity of mature spruce timber available at roadside. 25 cm diameter + round timber.
Around 30-40 tonnes.

Also quantity of smaller (15cm+) timber, mature larch and silver birch.
(08/02/14) Worcestershire
Contact: Lucy Whitfield
M: 07790 017389
Timber for kindling Seasoned or un-seasoned cords or rounds of Western Hemlock and Norway Spruce.
Ideal for splitting for kindling or fast-burn firewood. Minimal knots!
Per cubic metre:
£20 1.2m cords (4ft),
£30 30cm rounds (12 inch)
Collect or local delivery can be arranged £5 per load.
(15/01/14) Surrey GU27 2DU
Oak Cordwood and Sawlogs Approx 40 lengths of Oak timber suitable for sawing - Various length and sizes from 12' to 30+' (Will sell part or all) Total approx. 1500 cubic feet.

Also 80 - 100 tonnes of Oak cordwood on roadside in 8' lengths.
All on roadside with artic access.

(07/01/14) Somerset/Devon Border
Contact: Adrian Wallis
T: 01258 881660
M: 07990 898911
Walnut Tree I have a walnut tree in my garden that I intend to fell, the base is just over 48" circumference. It has a good straight trunk and several boughs coming off well above head height.
If you are interested in it let me know and I can send a photo taken recently.
(19/12/13) Stokenchurch, Bucks
Contact: Tony Messenger
Chestnut Cordwood at Roadside I have approx 50 ton of green CN at roadside with artic access. 100 plus tons still to come. 10ft 3'-12' diameter. £25 a ton. Min artic load. Haulier to be my discretion. Fencing products have been cut out the stack.

Also 9'6" (1000+) cleft rails @ £3.50 (200 plus per order @ £3.00)
(10/12/13) Midhurst, West Sussex
Contact: Chris Boddington, CB Forestry
M: 07793 017181
Ash Tree - Free felling wanted and you keep the wood Ash tree, about 35 ft high, straight trunks, want tree removed but can't afford it. Keep the wood in exchange safe felling and removal of wood.
(30/11/13) Burnage, Manchester
Contact: Sally Peach
Softwood for sale Larch 14ft and 8ft in length for sale for firewood or what ever you want it for. Good straight wood will go through processor no problem. 14' from 6" to 18" diameter 8' from 3" to 8"
Estimate of 400 tonnes in total.
Available at roadside, or can deliver locally up to 25 mile radius of Corwen. Any further you can sort out haulage.
(30/11/13) Corwen, North Wales
Contact: Joe Evans
T: 01678 521212
M: 07764 303803
Redwood sawlogs for Sale in West Wales Various quality and size sawlogs available.
Competitive prices.
Standard timber lengths 1.85m, 2.5, 3.7m, 4.3m, 5m, 6.1m
Un-diseased larch in stock. Douglas fir, Norway Spruce and hardwood species available with limited stocks, please call for details.
Haulage can be arranged.
(27/11/13) Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire
Contact: Mark Chapman
M: 07967 996104
Standing Beech Trees , yours if you want them 3 standing Beech trees in our garden(no TPO), up for grabs completely FREE as we want them removed.
(24/11/13) Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Contact: Lyndon Brewer
M: 07505 984413
Two Oak Stems Have two oak butts for sale one at roadside just outside East Grinstead, the other at Ashurst 15min away, at rideside.
£4 cubic foot ono. Works out approximately £200 each.

(19/11/13) West Sussex
Contact: Zohair Ghullam, Truroots
M: 07854 931087
Standing Oaks in Cambridge for Sale 8-10 Oak trees for sale approx. 30-35 yrs old.
(11/11/13) Cambridge
Contact: Nigel Hardy
Sweet Chestnut Timber Available Sweet Chestnut fell in recent storm.
Diameter 1m from ground level = 60cm
Diameter 6m from ground level = 45cm
Tree is lying 12m from roadside.
Picture at: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/nx58ksk22r096ed/iD0vOUDiT9?n=192197835
(05/11/13) Epsom, Surrey
Contact: Robert Darby
M: 07770 477200
Beech Roundwood for Sale We will have towards the end of December approximately 100T of mixed-size beech roundwood for sale.
Diameters range from 10 inches up to 40 inches and are cut in 10ft lengths.
We can deliver via articulated crane lorry in mixed 26t loads. Price will be dependant on delivery location.
(05/11/13) Welwyn Garden City
Contact: Phil, PR Newson
T: 01763 274922
Standing Spruce For Sale in West Wales 3.6ha of Sitka spruce, 48 years old, 651 Marked Stems
Approximate volume 740m3 overbark
Mean d.b.h.- 32cm, Mean stand height 30.4m
D.b.h. range 17cm to 56cm, Tariff No. - 47
Compartment 5 is on an east-facing slope above the river Bargoed, Saron, Llandysul.
Stand is intended for conversion from Sitka spruce monoculture to a system of Continuous Cover Forestry of mixed species from natural regeneration. Two heavy thins planned over 5 years. Area to be thinned is down slope on the east of the track. Last thinned 15 years ago with 1 in 3 through majority. Several small areas have not been thinned. A 4m track runs along the entire stand and a landing is to be provided at the entrance.

If you are interested or need further information (field data, sampling sizes available), please contact Sally.
(20/10/13) Saron, Llandysul
Contact: Sally Hall
T: 01559 370798
Lime Timber For Sale in the Round We will soon have a quantity of small-leaved lime for sale. Diameter 6-18" in 12' and 24' lengths. Exact quantities TBC.
Timber will be extracted to rideside suitable for 8 wheeler or smaller (no artics).
Also, a large quantity of overstood chestnut coppice in the same sizes, suitable for stoves or chipping. In the same location for 8 wheeler access.
(20/10/13) Bromley, Kent
Contact: Luke Barley, City of London
M: 07500 799734
Yew Branchwood I have a couple of trailer loads of yew to clear from the yard. Various branch sizes - OK for turning and smaller work.

You will need a sizeable trailer to collect.
£100 the lot.
Also,one length of Oak-good size.
(07/10/13) Dorking, Surrey
Contact: Rob Hewer, National Trust
T: 01306 887485
M: 07901 511345
Standing Alder for Sale We have a fairly large quanty of mature standing alder for sale. Easy access to main road
(04/10/13) West Sussex
Contact: Stephen Thomas
T: 01428 707229
M: 07970 923612
Oak trunk One fine free-standing ex hedge-line large oak just felled near Horsham Sussex. Trunk straight 3/4 m dia x & 1/2 Metres long. Main boughs removed.
No splits or rot, age approx. 130 years.
Buyer collects.
(04/10/13) Horsham, West Sussex
Contact: Mike Hallam
Yew Wood for Sale Felled in the last 6 months quantity of yew wood large+small pieces and differing lengths.
Ideal for wood turning, planking, carving etc all with lovely colouring.
(30/09/13) York
Contact: Chris Clark
M: 07944 746214
Green Ash and Green Birch logs in the Round I have small amounts of green Ash and green Birch available. It can be cut to order as part of the thinning due to take place in my woodland this autumn. It will suit craft workers and wood workers that need small smounts of green fresh cut timber. It can be collected by arrangement.
(29/09/13) Maidenhead, Berks
Large Mature Walnut Tree I am felling a mature walnut tree at the end of October. Lovely long trunk and 4 thick main branches. Any offers? Buyer to collect wood. Could possibly have it cut into required lengths if negotiated before felling. Can provide pictures on request.
(29/09/13) Maidenhead, bBerkshire
Contact: Ruth Middleton
M: 07739 717477
Standing Chestnut Coppice For Sale A total of 2.5 acres in three parcels. 2 one acre plots of approx. 18 year old sweet chestnut, and a further half an acre of 25 year old chestnut (suitable for split chestnut fencing rails). Interest invited for one, two or all three plots. The cutting needs to be completed by January 2014 and stacking or removal by April 2014.
(23/09/13) Hammer Wood, Near Midhurst, West Sussex
Contact: Paul Bruce
M: 07766 900622
Stand of Single Stem Oak 8 - 10 inches diameter.
Ideal for cleaving
Large parcel
(13/09/13) Sturminster Newton, North Dorset
Contact: Charlie de Pelet
M: 07980 584550
Free Hazel Coppice We are looking to work with a hazel coppice worker to utilise extensive areas of hazel on our estate. This could be a good opportunity for someone starting out. We would be happy to support the development of a new business by providing the hazel at no cost initially until the business is established.
(03/09/13) Reading / Basingstoke
Sawlogs (softwood\) 20-23 tons mixed stika spruce/larch sawlogs
3.7m 18cm td upwards for sale
(01/09/13) Edinburgh
Contact: Gordon Bell
M: 07868 718654
Chestnut firewood/chipwood for Sale. 45 cubic metres of sweet chestnut 2.2 metre long cordwood for sale, from 10-50 cm diameter. Extracted to roadside and ready for collection. Cut in January 2013.
Please contact me for prices.
(31/08/13) Cranbrook, Kent
Contact: Bill Daniel
T: 01580 893758
M: 07702 265518
Western red Cedar Sawlogs/cordwood Sawlogs 3.7m long.
Cordwood 2 metres long minimum diameter 10cm.
Small quantity at roadside.
Large quantity still standing. We will fell and forward to roadside to order. No artic access.
(31/8/13) Malvern, Worcestershire
Contact: Phil Hopkinson, Malvern Coppicing
T: 01684 574865
M: 07946 169123
Felled Beech 15ton + 15-20 ton of green Beech, from one mature open grown tree.
Available in diameters from 4" to 45"
Varying lengths, (most of the tree is to be climbed, dismantled & rigged)

Collection from site only. Vehicle/truck access
Loading equipment on site.

The main limbs and larger branches would be great for logging up.
The main stem will be felled whole but to be moved by our machines must be cut up to 2.5m lengths. I would like to see this wood milled.

Hardwood chippings also available on site.
(27/08/13) Buckingham, Buckinghamshire
Contact: Ben Round, Big Trees
T: 01280 735005
Larch poles for sale I can supply small numbers of Larch poles up to 8" in diameter. I am carrying out some thinning over the next 3 months and the poles can be collected from the forest entrance in Mid-Wales.
They can be cut to a preferred length and would suit small building projects etc. Please describe what you are looking for by email and I will give you a price.
(28/08/13) Between LLandeilo and LLandovery, Carmarthenshire,Mid-Wales
Douglas fir Recently felled 9m Long 38 cm dia, very straight, available for any reasonable offer.
Laying in woodland, buyer can collect or process in woodland.
(14/08/13) Lenham / Dodington, Kent
Contact: Paul Lentz
T: 01303 24732
M: 07813 564669
Mulberry Wood Mulberry tree - it has partially come down due to the recent bad weather. It has 4 main limbs each of about 20-30 cms diameter and approximately 3+ metres long. The trunk is about 45-60 cms diameter and 2 metres long. You will need to cut it up, hence price of £400. Buyer collects.
There is a lot of wood in this tree and it includes some lovely burrs. It would be ideal for a craftsman or sawmill.
(07/08/13) Pampisford, Cambridge
Contact: Ben Britton
M: 07946 714499
Felled Alder for sale 100m3 I have approximatky 100m3 of felled Alder in 10ft lengths felled in April 2013. Not sure on price but obviously would like as much as possible so open to offers.
Ideal for processor dead straight, no knots
Also 2 large oak trunks.
(07/08/13) North Worcestershire
Contact: Dale Bradley
M: 07872 899548
Walnut timber - Unfelled 80 year old walnut tree for sale
text: We have a beautiful walnut tree for sale for timber. Approx 80 years old, 5 feet girth, Not yet felled. In Lincolnshire. Any offers.
Contact: Lucy Sandys-Winsch
M: 07968 723377
Beech Trunks For Sale Large diameter, could be ideal for planking/timber production some up to 80cm across, 4m long
Based between Lincoln and Newark, Swinderby. Can deliver locally but collection preferred.

Hardwood firewood timber and split logs sold bulk delivers available
Firewood processor for hire.
(05/08/13) Lincoln
Contact: Adam Taylor
M: 07795 250450
Free Pile of Timber off-cuts and firewood Free of charge is a large pile of timber off-cuts and scrap/firewood. Some is suitable for use as a building material. Need to get rid urgently from
Please ring for info
(15/07/13) Histon, Cambs
Contact: Steve King-Underwood
M: 07809 280751
Western Red Cedar Logs 12 ft red cedar logs.
Oone lorry load.
£40 per ton roadside.Can arrange haulage
(15/07/13) Near to J12 M 40
Contact: Paul Arkell
T: 01452 750677
M: 07789 207105
Felled timber - approx 20m3 softwood logs and cordwood Felled 30x leylandii timber, logged/corded and ready for transport.
Please call / email for details.
(04/07/13) Cambridge
Contact: Alex Quayle
M: 07886 755331
Peeled oak poles Peeled oak poles in the round varying widths (3" to 6") and lengths (up to 8'). Still cutting so can take orders to cut to length.
(03/07/13) Pembrokeshire
Contact: David Hunter
M: 07770 776402
Freshly felled, good straight oak timber for sale Freshly felled, good straight oak timber for sale
text: Limited amount of straight juvenile oak raw timber for sale, in need of a local buyer.
(03/07/13) Rabley Heath. Hertfordshire
Contact: Ben Woodland Rider
M: 07905 768752
Logs for Labour! This is a rare opportunity to get yourself some hardwood logs on the cheap! The idea is you bring hand tools and set about cutting yourself some hardwood logs. You can fill a car boot or a trailer for £10!

This is part of an initiative by the Oxfordshire Woodfuel Programme.
(03/07/13) The Earth Trust, Little Wittenham, OX14 4QZ
Contact: Cara Champney, Bare Wood
T: 01235 888197
M: 07957 322046
Felled hazel and some standards for sale Acre of overstood hazel coppice felled, sorted and stacked. Some standards also felled and included. Big machines will not be able to access woodland.
(24/06/13) Near Waterlooville, Hampshire
Contact: Terena Plowright
M: 07918 941398
Cordwood WANTED Has anybody that advertises cord wood for sale actually got some to sell? Or will they return my phone calls. URGENT
(19/06/13) Suffolk
Contact: Jason Thorpe
M: 07787 538227
Monkey puzzle trees for sale Individual rings, butts and sawn timber.
Also wide selection of english hardwood boards and wood turning blanks.
For further info please call.
(19/06/13) Cornwall
Contact: K Moore
T: 01209 719897
M: 07703 554389
Cordwood for sale by the Logman Roadside, 40 pounds a ton lovely processer size 8ft lengths, ash, pine, hornbeam, birch, oak.
Fantastic mix.
(28/05/13) Kent
Contact: The Log Man
T: 01233 239370
M: 07729 352821
Large Beech Removal We have a very large beech tree under a TPO, that would make excellent firewood. The tree is dying and has crown faults do a lower limb removal some years ago. Free to whoever wants it subject to necessary planning consent.
(28/05/13) Salisbury, Wilts
Contact: Sean Rogers
M: 07920 755526
Walnut Tree for Sale Complete tree all unions, trunk, stems, and branches.
Ideal for fine furniture, greenwood working, and turnery.
Up to eighteen inch heartwood, trunk seventeen feet long. photographs here:
(21/05/13) Hanmer, Shropshire
Felled Hardwood for Sale. Felled oak,beech,silver birch for sale roadside or delivered. We have some oak butts 2ft-5ft in diameter in 8-10ft lengths.
(21/05/13) Corwen, N. Wales
Contact: Joe Evans
T: 01678 521212
M: 07764 303803
Seasoned Applewood I have around 50 ton of applewood for sale.
30 ton is based in Sevenoaks and 20 in Wadhurst.
It's all well seasoned. Call for a price.
(21/05/13) Kent / East Sussex
Contact: Jack Feaver
M: 07724 704755
Cordwood and Sawlogs for Sale 200 ton of mixed cordwood ash, sycamore and a bit of oak, up to 18inch diameter, please phone for details , self collection or delivery available.
£49 per ton roadside.

25 ton of oak sawlogs up 22 feet long.
(09/05/13) Carmarthenshire
Contact: Lisa James
T: 01269 831629
M: 07807 890475
Hardwood Cordwood For Sale 80m3 of cordwood for sale Nr Lewes. Cut in May 2014. Mixed hardwood.
(214/07/14) Nr Lewes, East Sussex
Contact: Thomas Simmons, Dowdeswell Forestry
M: 07912 547570
Norway Maple Trunks for Sale Five Norway Maple trunks. Approx 4m long and 500-650mm diameter. Branch collars so may have nice figuring.
Moisture reading at 18.
Can be planked/slabbed.
Pictures can be emailed if interested.
(06/05/13) South Bucks
Contact: Chris Edwards
M: 07711 507792
Wellingtonia Butt for Sale Wellingtonia sawlog, 3.6 meters long, 1 meter diameter with about 5 branch collars so should have a beautiful grain once planked.
No splits or decay taken from 1/3 of the way up a 70 ft trunk so very clean but small enough to fit most mobile mills.
Approximate weight 3.4 tonnes when felled 3 months ago.
Offers in the region of £300+
Collection only from roadside. Loader may be available at additional charge, but can't garauntee.
(28/04/13) Gomshall, Surrey
Contact: James Fox
M: 07718 211180
Felled Yew Tree Large yew tree trunk and branches for sale
Contact for more details.
(22/04/13) Taunton, Somerset
Contact: Debbie Fuller
T: 01823 452285
Hardwood and Softwood Available, Cornwall Approximately 500-600 tons of mixed species softwood available at road side - 2.3m fire wood , 3.7m saw logs readily available at road side.
Also approximately 350-450 tons of hardwood for sale in 2.3m 3"-30" dia.

Call for prices, Delivery available.
(15/04/13) Devon/Cornwall
Contact: Combined Forestry Services
T: 01209 714796
M: 07792 214013
Sweet Chestnut Mixed sizes
Felling April 2013. Worcestershire
Contact: Guy Neath
M: 07971 888701
Felled Ash I have a felled ash tree approx 130 years old.
Would say total 5 cu. meters.
Offers wanted- buyer collects North Worcs
(15/04/13) North of kidderminster
Contact: Alan Williams
T: 01562 850066
M: 07836 278559
Yew round timber Yew wood in timber yard. With mobile saw mill available. Transport also possible. Wind fall 2.5 yrs ago.
2.3m3. Sizes diameter x length in metres
.4x1.3 dropping to .3x1.2

To sell in 1 lot
Offers please
(15/04/13) Nr Taunton Somerset
Sweet Chestnut Timber Felled and stacked road side, 500 hoppus feet of sweet chestnut timber about 16 butts small amount of ring shake in one of the butts, but still good useable timber.

More to be cut on this estate.
(31/03/13) Haselmere, Surrey
Contact: Roger Coolbear, RC Forestry
M: 07702 272847
Large Red Oak Butt One large straight clean Red Oak Butt(Q.rubra i think)looking for a good home, measures about 7-8m long and 90cm diameter or in old money about 24' x 3'.
If you have a use better than chipping it, email and we will send photos and exact measurements.
(31/03/13) Iver,Bucks
Contact: Anthony Beddall, Practicality Brown Ltd
T: 01295 690011
Approx 2 tons of Yew Logs For log turning etc.
These are unseasoned.
(26/03/13) Bath
Contact: MikeTree Surgery Bath
M: 07739 080504
Unseasoned Cut Beech Timber For Sale Around 50-80 tonnes of cut Beech timber lengths for sale. Good quality wood. Roughly stacked and buyer would need to arrange haulage.
(26/03/13) Clevedon, Bristol.
Contact: Joanna Clarke
M: 07876 400419
Hardwood Cordwood Available Mixed cord 50% Beech 50% Oak, Ash, Maple.
Average dia 5" 2.3m lengths.
Artic access good. Can arrange haulage.
(26/03/13) Winchester Hampshire
Contact: Tommy B
M: 07955 374506
Oak Timber For Sale 1. Dia 40inch - Length 132inch
2. Dia 22-33inch - Length 175inch
3. Dia 23-29inch - Length 117inch
4. Dia 48-44inch - Length 123inch
5. Dia 33-23inch - Length 168inch
6. Dia 42-29inch - Length 114inch
7. Dia 44-36inch - Length 148inch
8. Dia 32-36inch - Length 147inch
9. Dia 36-28inch - Length 115inch
10. Dia 24-26inch - Length 143inch (Not felled with the bigger sections but also for sale)
(14/03/13) Coventry
Contact: Simon Rotheran, Beechwood Trees
M: 07976 358219
Cordwood For Sale Currently selling mixture of FSC Certified Oak & Beech approximately 150m3 predominantly 20cm diameter upwards all cut to 2m lengths. Felled March 2012.

Also selling FSC Certified Ash approximately 50m3 predominantly 20cm diameter upwards cut to 2m lengths. Felled January 2012.

Also available FSC Certified Sweet Chestnut approximately 125m3 predominantly 15cm diameter upwards cut to 2m lengths. Felled January-March 2012.

All available at roadside. Purchaser to arrange own haulage. Payment required prior to uplift.
(14/03/13) Kent
Contact: Anthony Frampton
T: 01622 820560
F: 07779 614890
Sweert Chestnut Timber Post&rail blanks ready for cleaving.
308 x 10'1" blanks suitable for cleaving into rails.
205 x 7'1"blanks suitable for cleaving into up rights.
To be sold in one lot only.
Timber cut at Xmas just gone.
Good all weather access. please phone for more details.
(14/03/13) Wiston,West Sussex
Contact: Toby Askew, Wiston Estate Office
T: 01903 812129
M: 07979 503440
SS Sawlogs 20cm+ very clean Red logs Around 70 tonnes of prime SS saw-logs all 20cm+ most Red logs. All 3.75m very clean available for immediate uplift. Haulage can be arranged at buyers cost.
Please email for price.
(12/03/13) North Yorkshire.
Contact: Paul Cook, Cook Forestry
M: 07990 838282
Oak for Planking or fencing Oak for Planking We have around 50m3 of good Oak, felled ready to collect in the Wyre forest, cut from 2 to 5 meters in length.

Sold per m3. We asking only £65.00 per cubic m for this quality. Call to arrange a site visit to buy yourself some superb Oak.
(11/03/13) Wyre Forest
Contact: Richard Allee, Allees Forestry
T: 01280 850501
M: 07960 939314
Scots Pine and Larch at Roadside 600-800 tons of Larch and Scots Pine for sale in Cheshire. Currently being felled. Can be cut to any length. 10m-18m straight stems, 400-600mm bottom diameter.

30% Larch 70% Scots Pine. Will be sold at roadside.
(01/03/13) Tattenhall, Cheshire
Contact: Matthew Harmsworth, Woodland Solutions
T: 0845 265 8307
Chestnut and silver birch Chestnut stakes, strainers, rails and struts round gate posts & tree stakes. Can deliver.

Silver birch
50 tons, 8ft lengths 3/10inch
Will be road side in summer 2013
(28/02/13) Near Petworth, West Sussex
Contact: Luke Summerhayes
T: 01403 701824
M: 07570 029703
Burr Oak Butt For Sale I have a nice looking burr oak butt I am looking to sell.
The butt measures 70" long and has a diameter varying between 30" and 39". It appears to be one complete burr, however a little section of the log is not as burry. The burr goes virtually to the heart at one end however the other is cut a little above the burr and although the figure can be seen it is not as concentrated.

Please get in touch if interested and I can also supply images.
(28/02/13) West of Scotland
Contact: Tim Cooper
M: 07909 911798
Two Large Ash Trees We have two very large Ash trees that are going to be cut down, they are both reasonably straight with a good size diameter, wood be perfect for furniture making etc.

Please contact me for further details on sizes etc, images available.
(28/02/13) Essex
Contact: Mark Williams
M: 07572 455302
Softwood Sawlogs for Sale We have around 50 tons of 140mm to 350mm dia Corsican Pine in 2.4m lengths which will be available roadside. There will be ongoing supplies of Corsican and Scots Pine as we remove up to 600 tons over coming years. Future timber can be cut to lengths to suit buyer. Easy access off main road for loading.
(20/02/13) Bedfordshire
Contact: John Barber
M: 07703 330988
Coppice Products Fresh-cutcoppice hazel. Faggots for river banking, pea sticks, hazel spars, bean rods, hedgeing stakes & binders. all available now.
Delivery possible.
(20/02/13) Wiltshire
Contact: Mark Cooper
T: 01722 712490
30+ standing Oak trees We are taking down 30+ Oak trees in Sydenham, South London during February half term, anyone interested?
(20/02/13) South London
Contact: Alan Rowland
T: 0208 654 2526
Round timber for sale - Oak, Sweet Chestnut and Yew Approximately 700 hoppus cubic ft of yew,
600 cube of oak,
And 600 cube of sweet chestnut for sale.
All timber is sound with no shake. Petersfield. Hampshire
Contact: Roger Coolbear, RC Forestry
M: 07702 272847
Firewood - Logs - Approx 400 cubic meteres mixed cordwood For sale £1,750 - roughly 400 cubic metres of mainly softwood tree surgeon's timber ready for collection from our yard.
It consists of 2' - 6' lengths and rings and has been building up for the last 2 years with the newest at the front of the heap . We will load your bulk lorries with the machines free of charge. Redbourn, Hertfordshire AL3 7AE - 10 mins from J9 M1
Contact: Jim McCormick
M: 07742 578112
Mixed Hardwood Roundwood For Sale We have mixed hardwood rounds for sale,
oak, ash, sycamore, alder & silver birch.
Silver birch are 3" to 9" in diameter & 6' to 12' lengths. 10 tonnes approx.
All other hard woods are 6" to 4ft diameter and 9' to 14' in length.
Excellent road side access A55 junction 31 North Wales express way. 200 tonnes plus! Nice straight timber.
More timber being added monthly.
Priced to sell.
(17/01/13) North Wales
Contact: Clywyd Environmental Services
T: 01352 720913
M: 07901 786982
Seasoned Applewood for sale I have about 45 ton of well seasoned applewood for sale.
I'm looking for £55 per ton. Open to offers for part loads or the lot.
(15/01/13) Wadhurst
Contact: Charles Bassett
M: 07796 641958
Felled Ash Tree up for grabs Felled ash tree available in South Norwood, London if anyone would like to collect it. Felled today 10 January South Norwood
Contact: Hamilton, Carpenty Plus
M: 07801 336113
Western Red Cedar logs for sale 50 year old WRC plantation licenced for clear fell.
1000 plus tons available.
Priced around £50- £60 a meter, delivered, depending on location.
(15/01/13) Near Goodwood, West Sussex
Contact: Chris Boddington, CB Forestry
M: 07793 017181
Wild Cherry Logs For sale - Up to 8 No. 4' to 6' foot lengths (up to 1 foot diameter) off recently-felled wild cherry trees.
(10/01/13) Tenterden, Kent
Contact: Mark Cleverdon
M: 07748 202688
Large Oak Butt For Sale Approximatley 8' bottom diameter, 7' top diameter. Around 4.5m from bottom to start of crown. Some side growth / epicormic, generally very straight and true. Small amount of rot developing in center, around 6" x 8". Ideal for mobile miller / chainsaw miller, can be processed on site but would prefer to leave site. Rare opportunity to aquire a very large piece of Oak.
Can email pictures.
(08/01/13) ) Bedfordshire
Contact: Luke Quenby
Oak Limbs For Sale We have 3 lengths of Oak been felled just under a year. These are not straight as they are the top end of the butts. They are about 5/6 metres long and about 12 - 15 inches in diameter. Lying in the wood where they were felled but with access down a hard track.
Can supply pictures and accurate measurements if required.
(12/12/12) Benfleet, Essex
Contact: Neal Warren, Castle Point Wildlife Group
T: 01702 551448
M: 07425 169476
Poplar for Sale 2 year old poplar for sale all still very solid as was big butts that we couldn't shift,so has now been split up with a woodcracker,so most should go through a processor now,not the best log wood we know but will mix in.
£20 a tonne.
Can arrange haulage only in Kent or parts of Sussex.
location: kent Kent
Contact: Aaron Cornish
M: 07752 201020
Oak Sawlogs 8-10 tonne of oak sawlogs at roadside
Diameter 1-2 feet, length 8-10 feet - around 20 logs altogether.
(30/11/12) Essex
Contact: David Secker
T: 01279 877916
M: 07824 833388
Very large standing Beech tree free to good home Very large beech tree free in exchange for felling and removing.
No protection order on tree. e mail me if interested please.(30/11/12) Near Liskeard, Cornwall
Contact: Lesley Finch
T: 01579 362933
Arb Waste -. mixed woods I have a large volume of arb waste - some dry.
Mixed species, lots of hardwoods.
Sold per tonne. Open to offers.
(30/11/12) Cambridgeshire
Contact: Steven Buss, Newman Farms
M: 07919 037225
Softwood and Hardwood for Sale Various different diameter and length available upon request:
Red Cedar, Larch, Hemlock, Spruce, Sweet chestnut, Oak, Ash, Silver birch.
(30/11/12) South West England
Contact: Peter Billett
M: 07897 130745
Walnut Butt for Sale Large walnut butt for sale and various other english hardwoods from logs to trees.
Walnut butt is 3.3m long 74cm butt end and 65cm top end we could mill it for you and local delivery possible,open to offers.
(19/11/12) Devon
Contact: Davin Foster
T: 01626 779058
M: 07812 713005
Chestnut Timber Chestnut cordwood approximately 200 tons
Also rails, post and strainers all cut to size if required.
Lorry access and can deliver.
(15/11/12) Petworth West Sussex
Contact: Luke Summerhayes
T: 01403 701824
M: 07570 029703
Cordwood Logman is cutting chestnut and birch starting 5th November Nr Maidstone.
Easy access for pickups, vans, trailers etc.
You can have 1 ton to 50 ton.
Call The Logman to book your order. Thanks.
(06/11/12) Maidstone, Kent
Contact: The Log Man
T: 01233 239370
M: 07729 352821
Atlas Cedar - Felling Next Week I have for sale a very large Atlas Cedar butt, measures approximately 5ft diameter and 21ft long. There is 10 ft of clean timber then a four foot branch and the timber is then clean for the remainder.

The butt will be cut into 2 sections for removal from site.

The butts can be collected from BH20 in Dorset or we can arrange delivery for a fee.
Offers invited.
(06/11/12) Dorset, BH20
Contact: Benedict Hargreaves
M: 07979 896230
Oak Saw Logs Approx 10ft lengths - for beaming / planking.
up to 12ft length; 30 inch diam.

Call for details / arrange a viewing.
(08/11/12) Cambridgeshire
Contact: Steven Buss, Newman Farms
M: 07919 037225
Mixed Conifer Logs Approx 550 20 year old trees felled in 2010, 3-10 inch diameter, cut into 1 metre length poles. Approx 50 cubic metres in volume. Open to offers.
(02/11/12) Northamptonshire / Leicestershire border
Contact: Mark Jennings
M: 07813 103995
Italian Alder Logs 18" to 14" diameter 2m long. Nice straight timber perfect for bodgers as legs, or planks. Can be seen on my facebook page below. (29/10/12) Whitchurch, Shropshire
Contact: Richie Holly Cottage
T: 01948 830317
M: 07918 600630
45 tones of seasoned cordwood Mix of softwood and hardwood cordwood all felled before summer and ready for splitting. Good artic access.
Cash offers.
Successful buyer can process logs in my yard at Matching Green and leave the logs in vented bags as they are sold if this helps. (29/10/12)
(29/10/12) Matching Green, CM5
Contact: David Secker
T: 01279 877916
M: 07824 833388
Nationwide supplies of Hardwood and Softwood firewood cordwood We can supply good quality hardwood and softwood cord for firewood merchants nationwide,own transport with on board weigher. Reliable service reasonable prices
Also large amount of sweet chestnut for fencing. Nationwide
Contact: Antony Canham
T: 01362 851930
M: 07879 495445
Quality Hardwood Cordwood For Sale Ash Hornbeam Etc Large quatities of cordwood for sale from various sites in Kent and Sussex. Mostly harvester cut into immaculate lengths, part-peeled to allow for quicker seasoning and improved handling ability due to it being harvester processed.
(16/10/12) South East England
Contact: Jonathan Davies, South East Forestry
T: 01622 842145
M: 07759 567801
Yew Log For Sale - Length of green yew for sawmill/ turning/bow making Collection only - a section of yew felled in early October for sale. Pictures are available upon request. Rough dimensions 2 foot by twenty foot long give or take. A lovely peice of straight, sound yew with no rot or cavities.

Email or call for details - log was salvaged from being sliced up for firewood on a takedown job and may still become its destiny if I can't find a home for it!!
(26/10/12) Eastbourne, East Sussex
Contact: Jon Faulkner
M: 07808 005911
Large Wellingtonia Log For Sale Ideal for a large chainsawing project or for milling.
Diameter 1.7m tapering to 1.6m. Length 2.7m. Weight 8 tonne.
Felled April 2012. Delivery can be arranged.
£ 1,000

(16/10/12) Virginia Water
Contact: Richard Maynard
T: 0118 932 0159
M: 07901 556175
Hard and soft lumpwood Various lengths and diameters of hard and softwood from tree surgery works. Not processor size all large diameter and only movable with lorry grabs etc. Can deliver up to 5 ton in one load, price depending on location and regularity of deliveries. Can also be picked up from yard. Kent
Contact: Debbie Austin
M: 07854 260673
Parcel of Oak I have a parcel of winter-felled oak at roadside.
64 butts of both planking and beaming grade, clean and no shake. Good artic access.
Offers please.
(16/10/12) Kent
Contact: James Robertson
M: 07719 427997
Large Flowering Cherry Tree Large standing cherry blossom tree for felling. If anyone is interested in taking the timber free of charge in return for felling the tree please contact me.(05/10/12) Braintree, Essex.
Contact: Karen Nicholson
Hardwood Log Wood 100's tonnes of mainly Ash, but some Oak and Alder, and other odds and sods. Available at roadside.
Will be cut to 2.5-3m or so, can cut to any length required. Collection from Mid October.
(20/09/12) Crowborough, East Sussex
Contact: Laurie Wrightson
M: 07500 102105
Cherry wood trunk for sale Recent (2 months ago) felled a cherry tree and kept the trunk because the chain saw went blunt! 10" average diameter 7' long cut into three sections.
About to saw it into fire wood with new chain saw blade. Not sure if anyone would have any better uses? Let me know.
(11/09/12) Near Canterbury
Contact: G. Adair
M: 07827 815531
Large quantity of Yew wood for turning Yew trees available from October.
Good access for any type of vehicle on commission tracks!

Call to reserve timber.
(11/09/12) Stone Street, Canterbury
Contact: Adam Lott, Greenwood Forestry
T: 01304 212113
M: 07857 100979
Softwood Firewood at roadside Pine firewood at roadside 2.5m 10-30cm
Can arrange haulage at cost.
Please call or email for further details. Near Pickering North Yorks
Contact: Paul Cook, Cook Forestry
M: 07990 838282
Oak saw logs We have for sale 7qak saw logs 36-42 inch dia and approx 12ft length
Roadside or transport can be arranged
On site milling service also available.
(16/09/12) North Essex
Contact: Antony Canham
T: 01362 851930
M: 07879 495445
Oak Logs - 10 years felled I have for sale approx 80tonnes of English oak logs felled about 10 years ago.
Mix of saw logs and firewood logs. Up to 6m.
I can load onto transport.
Please call to view. Monmouth
Contact: Nick Jones
M: 07710 421040
Seasoned cordwood for sale 400 tonnes (in full or lots) of seasoned cordwood suitable for wood chipping, fire wood splitting etc.
They are around 20-25% moisture; poplar, chestnut, hazel. 3"-8" diameter and between 2-3m long.
Available roadside at ã40 per ton. East Sussex
Contact: Keith Bailey
M: 07568 096675
Hardwood cord / fire wood Ash, Beech, Hornbeam and some oak.
We have just started thining 40 acres.
Large or small loads, collection preferred just off roadside. £40 ton. Henfield, West Sussex
Contact: Nigel Last
M: 07944 482664
Western Red Cedar We have just started thinning 40 acres.
They are full length at 30'-40' and up to 10" - 24" at base and 4" at top.
Can cut to lenght. collection preferred. ã20/ton
standing timber available. Henfield, West Sussex
Contact: Nigel Last
M: 07944 482664
Approx 250+ tons Arbor arisings We have aprox 250+ tons of mixed soft/hardwood arb arisings for sale in our yard which will be available late August 2012 onwards.
The heap is 18m wide across the back, 12m deep at the right hand side going to 2m at the left hand side and is 21m across the front and is 4m high throughout making in excess of 400 cubic metres as it is piled up against an earth bund as the back - NB TRANSPORT IS NOT AVAILABLE but we will load your bulk carriers with the 20 ton excavator.
Asking price £2,750 (No VAT) Nr Junction 9, M1 at Redbourne , Hertfordshire
Contact: Jim McCormick
M: 07742 578112
Standing Coppice For Sale, Some Standards Standing coupes of Sweet-Chestnut and Hornbeam Coppice for sale.
Some Oak standards for thinning.
Multiple sites throughout East Sussex to be felled this year. Please call or email for details. East Sussex
Contact: Thomas Simmons, Dowdeswell Forestry
M: 07912 547570
Cherry Tree For Sale I have a big (7m+), mature cherry tree that needs felling. Cambridge
Contact: Marek Praume
Standing Cypress and Eucalyptus for Sale 6 Fully mature standing Cypress trees for sale plus 1 fully mature standing Eucalyptus tree for sale, buyer to remove. Devon
Contact: Peter Stafford
M: 07930 128652
Chestnut chipwood / firewood for sale Birch/alder firewood available, also cheap loads of chestnut for chip or firewood.phone for details. Kent
Contact: Chris Holmes
M: 07768 872577
Native Holly Approx ten native holly about 50 years old due to be felled 17th July. near gatwick
Contact: Norman Gardner
T: 01342 712424
Cordwood for sale - Guildford We have 3000 ton of Ash firewood for sale.
3" - 15", ideal for going through a firewood processor. Near Guildford, Surrey
Contact: Geoffrey Edwards
T: 01189 441777
M: 07899 906201
Hornbeam and Oak Approx 300-400 tons of Hornbeam to be cut ready for winter logging. Will be ready for roadside collection, preferably to be sold to one buyer, best price secures.

Also, numerous straight oak trees approx 80-100cm dia, 40-50ft high, roadside collection, preferebaly to be sold to one buyer, best prices secures
location: Sussex Sussex
Contact: Simon Jones
Standing Timber Available Standing timber available for tender.

57 Douglas with an average of 55cm DBH
119 Spruce with an average of 47cm DBH
9 Larch with an average of 18cm DBH

Please contact for more information. Gloucestershire
Contact: Geoff Huggett, Dowdeswell Forestry
T: 01242 820712
13.5 Tonne Softwood £500 cash roadside 13.5 tonne of softwood sawlogs - very straight logs, all 8-9 feet long and between 200-300mm diameter.
£500 cash collected, or haulage can be arranged.
Need to make way for storage in yard. Abbess Roding, Ongar, Essex
Contact: David Secker
T: 01279 877916
M: 07824 833388
Cordwood For Sale We have approx 200 tonnes of Ash / Oak mix roadside, cut in 2m lengths last November.
£50/tonne, we can load but not deliver. Plaistow West Sussex
Contact: Richard Wright
Felled Yew Timber for sale We have 10 felled Yew trees for sale (May 2012), DBH varies between 10" and 24" approx
Good access. South Yorkshire, Jnc 36 M1, 5 Mins
Contact: Mick Coy
M: 07989 496671
Softwood Cordwood For Sale I have softwood, 100mm to 400mm at 2.4m long.
last lot aveilable at £20/tonne. Essex
Contact: Vic, B Construction Ltd
M: 07932 680675
Second Thinnings available Second thinnings available
text: We have just started thinning some 300 acres of mixed woodland,good site access.
Species larch, Corsican pine Scots pine Hemlock,etc,Sycamore, Birch,Beech.
Sawlogs to Rustics,Jumping poles to woodchip.
Good supply of fencing blanks in Larch. between Wakefield and Barnsley just 5 minutes from junction 38 /M1
Contact: Len Batty
M: 07881 922421
Mixed Hardwood Firewood 1500 tonnes of hardwood firewood cut with harvester at roadside october 2011. Ideal processor size.

Also all grades of milling timber soft/hard wood, douglas/oak
location: bewdley worcestershire Bewdley, Worcestershire
Contact: Phil Davies
T: 01531 640404
M: 07887 570382
Oak Tree Trunk for Sale OI have a fallen oak trunk cut ready to go...
approx 6m long by 2ft diameter.
Offers welcome - can load to vehicle. Brentwood, Essex
Contact: Tony Sack
M: 07801 924918
Hardwood cordwood available May 2012 onwards We are soon to be felling a four acre site of predominantley ash, approximately 45 year old coppice. There will be somewhere in the region of 500 - 700 tons available. Also other hardwoods available, birch, hornbeam and sycamore mix as well as an ash and hornbeam mix. Competitve haulage prices can be arranged. Maidstone Kent
Contact: Fred Warden
M: 07523 073141
Hardwood firewood for sale - Lincolnshire Approx 700 tonnes at rideside - Ash, Sycamore, Lime mix, 100 tonnes of oak firewood as well as fencing & milling grade Oak.
Would consider storing in the wood for next season on buyers behalf.
Delivery can be arranged. Lincolnshire
Contact: James Lloyd
T: 01664 444604
M: 07973 885935
Hardwood Cordwood for Sale - Lincolnshire and Essex Over 500 ton of 3 meter Hardwood cordwood available at roadside from various sites in Essex.
Mixed species but mainly hornbeam with some Ash, Oak, Beech and Field Maple.
Can be delivered in 25 or 14 ton loads or collected at roadside.
Also available softwood chip wood and fencing grade oak. Essex Lincolnshire & Essex
Contact: James Lloyd
T: 01664 444604
M: 07973 885935
Hardwood FIrewood available in Essex 3 meter Hardwood available from various sites in Essex. Mixed species but mainly hornbeam with some Ash, Oak ,Beech and Field Maple. Over 500 ton at roadside.
Can be delivered in 25 or 14 ton loads or collected at roadside.
Also available softwood chip wood and fencing grade oak. Essex
Contact: William Brush
T: 01621 778699
M: 07771 614748
Softwood Cordwood for sale Larch and douglas for sale at roadside all 2m lengths. Salisbury, Wiltshire
Contact: David Hogan
T: 01722 712669
M: 07900 421609
Chestnut cordwood 40 ton of Sweet chestnut cord cut at 10ft length now available ride-side. Arundel, West Sussex
Contact: Luke Adams or James
M: 07954 504287
Apple Wood for Sale Last 50 quality Apple wood trunks 25 inch+ dia.
Also quantity of burr wood from just 75p per kg. Worcestershire
Contact: Guy Neath
M: 07971 888701
Birch and oak firewood for sale at road side Birch and oak mixed firewood for sale at road side in 2.5m lengths. Ranging from 4"-16" diameter harverster cut.
Phone for prices. Godalming, Surrey
Contact: Joe Court Forestry
T: 01483 208525
M: 07500 040525
Western Red Cedar & Douglas Fir for Sale Starting April 2012 we will have available a supply of 60 year old WRC/Douglas Fir saw logs at roadside.
Machined timber also available. West Sussex
Contact: David Whitney
T: 01798 860824
M: 07771 864810
Hornbeam cordwood I am starting a 5 acre coppice of hornbeam in the next few weeks and the will be 300-700 tons of cordwood avalible.

Please get in contact if interested. Kent
Contact: Danny Cradduck, D&S Tree Surgery
M: 07731 326972
Oak Butts for Sale Large quantity of grade one and two Oak butts for sale.
Good lorry access. Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire
Contact: Robin Brett, Three Shires
T: 01664 444604
M: 07836 228647
Huge Standing Beech Tree for Free Any one interested in standing beech tree for free.

The width of the trunk is about 80-100 cm.

I need to also remove couple of Lawsons.

The trees are in my front garden. One has to be insured and should remove the stump and clear the debris. Belmont, Surrey
Contact: Pramod
Yew Trees 3 yew trees being felled in twickenham on Feb 8th.
Anyone interested? or can somebody point me in the direction of a company or individual who can use this timber. Twickenham
Contact: Lee Hearson
T: 0208 892 7797
M: 07979 828016
Standing chestnut coppice Approximately 2 acres of standing chestnut coppice for sale, about 18 years old.
Reasonable offer or exchange for spiles. Maidstone, Kent
Contact: Arlette Coleman
T: 01622 842096
Oak Butts for Sale - all winter felled Large selection of medium to large oak butts available for sale from 30-110+ cubic ft,lengths vary from 15ft - 30 ft.

All available rideside with good access for lorries. Ken,t East Sussex
Contact: Ian Harn
M: 07956 316845
Cordwood for Sale - Firewood Hardwood firewood - hornbeam, oak, ash.
100's tonnes.

Roadside or Delivered - 16t or 24t approx loads. Cambridgeshire
Contact: Steven Buss, Newman Farms
M: 07919 037225
Cordwood for Sale I have approximatly 100 ton of ash hornbeam mixed approximatly 85% ash cut in August 2011.
Collection only!
Good all weather site access for lorries etc available 7 days a week. You can have 1 ton or all of it.
Other parcels also coming available as soon as extracted. Kent
Contact: Ian Harn
M: 07956 316845
Chestnut and softwood for sale. Sweet Chestnut at 2m and 3m lengths 100mm/300mm.
various softwood 2m lengths all felled and roadside. Salisbury, Wilts
Contact: David Hogan
T: 01722 712669
M: 07900 421609
Large Fallen Willow Large fallen Willow downed in recent storm.
Several limbs approx 50ft. Can be cut to length on site
Any Sensible offers per ton. Billericay, Essex
Contact: Gary Greeves
M: 07909 686930
Mature standing Austrian pine for sale, Lincolnshire Stand (15 trees) of mature, standing Austrian pine, for sale.
Hard road access.
Girth from 80 inches to 40 inches
Height 30 to 40ft. Lincolnshire near Grantham
Contact: John Hope-Hawkins
T: 01400 251052
Norway Spruce For Sale Approx 35m3 (weighing approx 35 tons) of Norway Spruce, cut
to approx 2.3m in length.
Diameter varies from 6" to 12".
Piled next to hard standing, very close to a road, so easy artic extraction.
Some has been standing for 2 years, other parts are freshly cut. Please email or phone for more details. Loxwood, West Sussex/Surrey border
Contact: Chris Woodage
M: 07891 233406
Corsican Pine Standing Corsican Pine for sale. Newbury, Berkshire
Firewood Cordwood For Sale Approx 100 Tonnes of seasoned (1 year) Oak/Ash firewood in 2.6m lengths for sale at raodside. Northants / Milton Keynes Area
Contact: Sarah Whatton
T: 07812 181554
M: 07894 351511
Softwood Sawlogs Regular supply of softwood sawlogs available.
Seeking new customers.
Please ring for details. Reading/Basingstoke
Contact: Greg Vickers
M: 07774 164 205
Fallen timber available I have approx 30 tonne of tree that has come down in recent storm in back garden - Either Poplar or Lime (6 trees approx. 50ft tall)

Would anyone be interested in it? HA5 2BE
Contact: Pat Boyle, Frontier Computer Corp
T: 0208 572 9676
M: 07584 282568
Apple Tree Bodys Apple tree bodys for sale.
Ring me Kent
Contact: Louis Tompsett, Greens Tree Services
M: 07885 216901
Softwood Cordwood We have about 100 ton of softwood cord for sale at roadside in West Norfolk. £18 per ton
Can cut split and deliver local at extra cost. Norfolk
Contact: Antony Canham
T: 01362 851930
M: 07879 495445
Living Willow Growing willow rods and sets available until March, suitable for growing willow structures and willow bed planting. Salix viminalis and S.purpurea available. East Sussex
Contact: Dominic Parrette
T: 01323 844094
M: 07957 898899
Standing Willow for sale in Cornwall Standing Willow trees for sale, Around 5 to 6 acres of Moorland type willows. Genuine enquires welcome. Cornwall
Contact: C Gregory
M: 07759 768042
Scots pine 4.2 m lengths
Width ranges smallest about 6 inches widest over 2 ft.
There will be about 40-50 cubic meters. Surrey
Contact: Andrew Phipps, ACA Trees
M: 07738 857619
Beech For Sale We are felling 4 mature beech in January and are selling the wood. DBH are 23" 26", 27" and 30".

Collection preferred. East Riding of Yorkshire
Contact: Kristian Chesterman
T: 01482 869914
M: 07531 875623
Cordwood Cordwood, seasoned chestnut, birch and ash
to collect from Reigate area.
4x4 acess, plus can put road side, ideal firewood, post and rail etc,
Will be put stacked in job lots ranging from £100.
to £1000, or can supply artic load,stacked and ready to collect. Reigate, Surrey
Contact: The Log Man
T: 01233 239370
M: 07729 352821
Firewood for Sale Mixed broadleaf Ash/Hornbeam unseasoned firewood for sale. 3m lengths 4-20" top / butt. Delivery by artic. approx. 25t loads. Please call for prices. Kent / All Areas
Contact: Rick Vallis
M: 07818 531492
Cherry Single Wild Cherry butt approx 4.5 m by 52cm mid diameter interesting grain, felled and at roadside buyer to collect. Suffolk
Contact: Edward Knowles
T: 01502 734903
M: 07776 253062
English Walnut For Sale We are felling a large walnut in January 2012 and are seeking people interested in purchasing the wood. The tree is approx. 40ft high and DBH is 22"/56cms.
The base can be milled if required.

Collection preferred. East Riding of Yorkshire
Contact: Kristian Chesterman
T: 01482 869914
M: 07531 875623
East Anglia Hardwood For Sale Birch, Beech & Oak, 2.5 Mtr lengths, 18 inch to 4 inch diameter, 700 Tons Available Roadside or Delivered. Also Available Softwood Fencing, Posts & Rails. East Anglia
Contact: Trish Peckham
M: 07836 216210
Hardwood Timber for Sale 500+ tons of mixed unseasoned hardwood available at roadside. 2.4 m lengthed cord which is very clean and straight to suit mechanical processor. Very good lorry access. Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire
Contact: Robin Brett
T: 01664 444604
M: 07836 228647
Large Oak Trunk for Sale Top diameter 4m
Length 3.1m
Bottom diameter 4.

Trunk was dead but still rock solid. Southampton, Hampshire
Contact: JT Forestry
M: 07955 374506
Hemlock Timber for Sale I have a large amount of Hemlock which we are about to start cutting. Will be cut to 4m lengths. Diameter will range from 4" - approx 24"

Good roadside access with hardstanding for artic

Collection or delivery can be arranged. Lamberhurst, Kent
Contact: Chris Masters
M: 07939 805390
Hardwood and Softwood for Sale We have 30-50 tonnes of Larch (approx) and 150-190 tonnes of mixed hardwood for sale.

Ash, Oak, Sycamore being felled now and will be stacked track side by mid-December 2011.
Delivery or collection. Some of the timber will be ideal for wood processor and will be sold separately. Leicstershire / Nottingamshire
Contact: Neil Perks, Neil Perks Greenfields Countryside Ltd
T: 01159 899320
M: 07772 167352
Mixed Hardwood for Sale I have approx 45T of ash/birch/alder/oak for sale. Cut to 4m lengths. Felled between July and October.
Good roadside access with hardstanding for artic.

Approx 65T of sweet chestnut log wood also available. 4m lengths. Felled July to October.
Same access.

More to come of both.

Collection or delivery can be arranged. Lamberhurst, Kent
Contact: Chris Masters
M: 07939 805390
Hardwood Roundwood For Sale in Chilterns Ash and Beech at roadside in Chilterns. Felled May to August. About 800t left.
Min 100t lots please.
Offers above £45/t considered. Chilterns
Contact: Alastair Beddall, Fuel Chip Ltd
T: 01753 657280 or 01753 652022
M: 07836 732200
Trees for Sale 1 x ash tree about 60ft
1 x oak tree approx 300 years old
free to dismantler Aylesbury, Bucks
Contact: Simon Scott
Standing Sweet Chestnut coppice for sale Some cut last year but unable to continue this year. Approx 1 acre remaining, 20 years old, sale needed this autumn, close to road with good access, extraction with 4wd or tractor. Wotton, Surrey
Contact: Max Lyne
M: 07905 560112
Ash and Beech for sale High quality ash and beech butts, felled, roadside or standing.
Also milled to spec - boards, beams, blanks, furniture materials, offcuts etc.
Cordwood also for sale at roadside. Monmouthshire / Herefordshire
Contact: Aaron Berg
M: 07963 617144
Mixed Hardwood For Sale Mixed hardwood cut to 2.3m,
Good access for lorries, can arrange haulage.
Call Jon for roadside prices. Hailsham, East Sussex
Contact: Hallmark Forestry
M: 07783 861301
Beech Tree My enormous beech tree is due to be felled and wondered if anyone had any use for it? It is about 1m in diameter at the base. Birmingham
Contact: Malcolm Pain
M: 07920 512909
Douglas Fir & Larchsoftwood cordwood We have over 100 tons of Larch and Douglas Fir cordwood available in North Wales and North West England regions.

Can arrange transport to rest of UK Based in North Wales with a supply depot in Kent
Contact: Stuart Cutter, Cuttertree
T: 01978 721868
M: 07882 756862
Wood For Sale Large Quantity of Alder and Birch for sale -
3 Metre Lengths at road side Kent and Sussex Border
Contact: Bob Anderson
T: 01732 838697
Free scots pine 1 scots pine, approx 30ft tall, 5 ft diameter, very straight.
Free to anyone who can take it, from rear garden if home with side access.
Pictures available. Enfield
Lime Tree for sale Still standing lime tree for sale.
Very mature and large (over 100 feet tall).
Call for more details Norfolk, NR12 8PA
Contact: Duncan Mountford
T: 01372 379791
M: 07970 659973
Felled Oak for Sale Large oak tree, recently felled. Main branches removed. Could send photo.
Offers:email or telephone North West: Chorley (near M61/ M6 motorway network)
Contact: Brian Whitehead
T: 01257 261990
Seasoned Logs For Sale I have around 23 ton of fully seasoned Scots pine for sale in Sheffield Park, East Sussex.
Its in all different lengths and widths.
For sale as a whole lot.
Please call with offer, available immediately. Sheffield Park, East Sussex
Contact: Keith at KD Biofuels
M: 07810 205314
Soft wood firewood for sale We have softwood firewood for sale, fully processed delivered to your door.
Transit tipper load (approx 1 ton) £50 within 10 miles of Norton Diney Lincolnshire.
Can deliver further with small delivery charge. Lincolnshire
Contact: Steve Donagain
T: 01636 892836
Giant Cedar of Atlantis for sale Still standing at moment but scheduled for dismantling in around 6 weeks time.
Limited access as it is in a back garden at present. The tree had a TPO on it but had a large branch tear out so the owner has applied for removal.
The trunk has not been measured yet, but is as you would expect for a 100-130 year old tree and very straight. Great specimen of a Ceder. Would be perfect for furniture etc.
Would need some heavy duty equipment to drag the lump out. Bedfordshire
Contact: Ouse Valley Arborists
T: 07793 653034
M: 07874 668468
Softwood Firewood Softwood Firewood for sale at Roadside, nice pick up for your haulier and going for a reasonable price.
Approx 80 tonnes/4 Loads. Yorkshire
Contact: Tom Allens
M: 07918 187374
Two Beech trunks for sale We have felled two large beech trees and still have the trunks available. You would need to arrange collection. Offers welcome. Near Fowey, Cornwall
Contact: Carrie Hutchinson
Mixed cordwood forsale I have approx. 80-100 ton of ash, hornbeam and silver birch for sale it is in the woodland at present due to extract mid to end of sept offers welcome. Bodiam, East Sussex
Contact: Matthew Gurney
T: 01580 830337
M: 07968 566371
Sweet Chestnut Cordwood We have several lorry loads of sweet chestnut for sale. Felled in the last week of August 2011. Diameter ranges form 3" to15", all in 8' lengths. For sale by cord or per tonne. All stacked trackside. Lodsworth, West Sussex
Contact: Matt Wills, CGW Chestnut
T: 07810 228673
M: 07505 094 691
Corkscrew Willow Tops Wanted I'm located in Manchester. Eccles, Manchester
Contact: Peter Corfield
M: 07891 948003
One felled oak for sale 5metres overall length. Approx 900mm diameter at butt,tapering to approx 800mm diameter at 4metres,at that point there is the start of a fork. Lying close to hardstanding. Can send pictures. West Sussex
Contact: David Webster
M: 07890 439292
11 tree stumps on sale We have recently cut down a conifer tree and still have it's trunk available. We have cut the trunk into 11 stumps big enough to be used as garden chairs, tables or just for show. You will find we have posted the same add on gumtree where you will also be able to find pictures. Harrow, London
Contact: Girish Patel
M: 07973 211395
spruce Approx 2000 tons standing spruce beside A30 for sale Near Launceston, Cornwall
Contact: A Smith
T: 01566 880177
Hazel coppice available for hurdles/binders near East Grinstead Approx 200m x 8m of 5yr Hazel coppice ready to be cut this winter. Good straight growth. On Worth Way old railway line near East Grinstead. open to offers. Call to arrange a viewing. East Grinstead
Contact: Simon Rowledge, West Sussex County Council
T: 01293 542088
M: 07834 583099
Ash Tree Free Free 35-40 ft Ash Tree, needs felling and taking away. Surrey
Contact: S Miah
T: 01932 701610
M: 07725 547697
Walnut tree We have recently cut down some of my walnut tree would anybody be interested in buying it. salisbury area Salisbury, Wiltshire
Contact: Mark Winney
Very old standing Holm Oaks (2) We have two very old large Holm Oaks which we are due to have cut down, to help prevent further subsidence to our property. Is anybody interested in these for wood. Rye, East Sussex
Contact: Michael and June Mathews
T: 01797 222438
Oak tree for sale Oak tree for sale. Not yet cut. Prime condition.
Offers NW London
Contact: Kamal 009
M: 07969 074511
Mixed Hard Wood For Sale Cutting all year, fire wood and saw log, please phone for details. East Sussex
Contact: Jon Latter
T: 01323 723913
M: 07752168443
Standing Poplar 2 hectares of 60 year old standing poplar. Good clean butts about 10'. Easy access. Pictures available.
Contact: Chris Frith
120 year old Horse Chestnut for sale. Still standing at present A church yard 120 Year old Horse chestnut for sale. Scheduled for dismantling on the 16th July 2011.
Perfect for someone with a grabber and large lorry.
Haven't got measurements as there are multiple weight bearing limbs with a lot of weight, so hard to estimate wood quantity. Its a a big 'un though. Bedfordshire
Contact: Ben Rogers, Ouse Valley Arborists
M: 07793 653034
2 standing walnut trees Black and English Both are nearly dead so I am looking for best valued way to remove them. There is easy access to them in the field. I can send pictures if you give me your email address. near M4 Jn 15
Contact: Chris Frith
Corsican Pine 60ft x2 lengths I have a rather giant Corsican Pine that will need felling sometime soon. It is over 60ft tall & the main trunk divides into two; therefore over 100ft in total length of timber. The base is approx 2ft diameter.
A mature tree that has to be felled due to it's lean.
I am looking for anyone interested in felling & removing for the timber.
If you are interested please email me, I do have photos. Sutton, Surrey
Contact: Marc Mohamed
M: 07941 523636
Felled oak timber for sale Approx 445 lengths of English Oak felled during winter 2010-11. Each log 2m long with tdub varying from min9"-max18". Estimated total volume 67.2m3(1861 hoppus ft. Good clean logs with no knots or shake. Ideal for cladding or flooring. Stacked at roadside ready for conversion or dispatch. Please phone for more details. Wiston, West Sussex
Contact: Toby Askew, Wiston Estate Office
T: 01903 812129
M: 07979 503440
Holly Wood for Sale I have large holly tree (18in diameter, 10ft tall trunk) which I am planning to fell. Would like to pre-sell wood to offset costs of felling. Ideal for wood turning or planking. Please text if interested. Poole, Dorset
Contact: Howard Ricketts
M: 07767 205194
Felled Oak For sale 5 felled oak all top branches/brash removed - straight lengths varying in size from 4m to 10m in length and 44cm to 59cm dbh.
Photos available on request. Leicestershire
Contact: Liz Sharkey
M: 07850 278566
Recently felled oak for sale One oak recently felled and logs/branches from two oaks which were heavily reduced. Trunk from felled oak in rounds. All reasonable offers considered. New Milton, Hampshire
Contact: Cate Taylor
T: 01425 614935
Sweet Chestnut coppice standing sale 2.3 hectares of sweet chestnut coppice, last cut 15 years ago. Sale needed for this autumn, looking to cut 25% over next four years. Newbury, Berks
Contact: Tom Simmons
M: 07912 547570
FSC Forestry Commission Scots Pine For Sale 23.5 tonnes of FSC Scots Pine. Bought standing and felled by the Forestry Commission in February 2011. It was bought for a timber framing project that will no longer be happening.

Comes with Forestry Commission certificate stating it is 'FSC Pure'.

66 Lengths. Each 3.75-4m in length. 300-600mm in dia.

Reasonably priced at £28 per cubic meter/tonne (1:1 conversion for scots pine). £650 for the lot. (That's approximately £10 for each length!)

I can arrange very affordable haulage for you. Otherwise there is a good track for easy roadside pick up for your haulier. Nr Brighton, East Sussex
Contact: Matt Gill
M: 07501 433039
Holly for Sale Holly for Sale
Considerable quantity of recently-felled holly for sale. Various lengths, various diameters.
No facilities for planking or storage, but don't want it to go to firewood. Would like to help defray felling costs.
All reasonable offers considered. Surrey-Hants- Berks Borders
Contact: David Edwards
T: 01483 828081
Beech Logs Quantity of beech logs suitable for milling, varying quality some spalt. Oxfordshire
Contact: James Harrison
T: 01993 868001
M: 07966 579002
Cherry and oak wood for sale cherry and oak wood for sale, Devon
text: I have some cherry and oak wood for sale, variable sizes, mostly green, can be cut to order, get in touch
location: West Devon West Devon
Contact: Andy Pratt
M: 07980 602088
Beech saw logs for sale I have approximately 25 tonnes of beech saw logs for sale. Purchased for firewood so will be selling at reasonable cost as diameters are 400-600mm+ and appear to be reasonable quality for flooring etc. Muir of Ord
Contact: Jess Christman
T: 01463 871931
Cedar log for sale For sale. Cedar of Lebanon Log. Approx 11.5 feet in length (9 feet clean, rest jagged due to branch breaking off) 2/2.5 feet in diameter, as triangular in cross section. Has been on the ground 3 to 4 years but still sound. Ideal for carving or milling. Offers. Buyer must collect. Ross-on Wye, Herefordshire
Contact: Stuart Payne
M: 07504 262922
Pear wood for sale pear wood forsale aprox 100 cordwood Sevenoaks, Kent
Contact: L Tompsett, Greens Tree Services
M: 07885 216901
Copper Beech Trunk for sale Standing copper beech trunk for sale . Approx 14 feet in height , 108 inches in circumference Mid-Sussex
Contact: Chris Martin
M: 07710 421260
Oak Tree for Sale I've got a oak tree about 60ft I'm taking down the weekend 2/4/2011 some nice long straight bits. Just trying to get some money back that I've have spent having it taken down.
Can call up to 10pm Basingstoke
Contact: Terry Tezza 901
M: tezza801@hotmail.co.uk
Hardwood fire wood Hardwood firewood for sale. Ideal for logs.

Lots and lots on site - all must go at a good price.
1 Price to take as much as you want as all must go.
Please call for more info. Tidworth SP9
Contact: Steve Roberts
M: 07772 263039
Chestnut: 30 tonnes felled and stacked Chestnut between 10 and 15 years, suitable for fencing, paling or firewood.
Stacked in wood, but access is good.
Very close to jct9 M20 Ashford, Kent
Contact: Ian Rickards, Kent Wildlife Trust
M: 07889 737839
7,800 cuft English oak butts 7,800 cuft English oak butts for sale, sawmill closing due to illness.

Mainly prime butts a large number 20-25 to first knots and 100-200 cuft. Devon
Contact: Paul Martin
T: 07769 346917
M: 07717 572491
Chestnut fencing stakes for sale Mixed, round, halved and quartered. Peeled and pointed.
Also available chestnut post and rail. Kent
Contact: Dwain Croucher
M: 07742 011904
Larch Sawlogs Two artic loads of 12'2" min 5"td Larch Sawlogs.
Approx 100 tons of tree length Larch. Chilterns
Contact: Graham Vidler, Galloway Forestry Contractors
M: 07912 103537
Yew, Oak, Pine, Ash trunks Three Yew trunks:

2.90m x 60cm
2.80m x 60cm
2.70m x 32cm

Holm Oak trunks:

2.75m x 60cm
3.00m x 50cm

Black Pine:

4 trunks ranging from 3.15m x 70cm to 225m x 40cm

Ash trunk: 3.50m x 45cm

The trees have been felled in the last year.
Any questions please ask, pics available, thanks Leicestershire - Located 20mins from M1 junction 20.
Contact: Chris Wright
M: 07734 204025
Oak Butt for sale I have just (Feb 2011) felled a medium sized oak at the front of our property in North Hampshire for public safety reasons.

The butt log is now at roadside awaiting a use for someone with a chainsaw or a portable sawmill to come and convert this into chopping blocks, peg blanks, fence posts, turning blanks etc.

The heartwood has wavy "annual" rings and is a slightly darker than usual. The log is raised off the ground on bearers and is 9ft long with a circumference of 68" at the butt tapering to 58" at the top.

Email me to arrange a viewing / pickup. North Hampshire
Contact: Ken Hume, The K F Hume Co
T/F: 01256 881344
Hardwood and Softwood for sale We work out of County Durham and have large quantities of hard and soft wood (already split)

I can offer free delivery within the local area.

We also about to clear a coppice at the end of Feb 2011.

If you are interested please email or call me. County Durham
Western Red Cedar logs Approx 20 tonnes Western Red Cedar logs
12 ft long x 10 - 14 inches top dia
At roadside. Llangadog, Carmarthenshire
Contact: Tony Powell
T: 01554 776505
M: 07800 910859
Hardwood Cordwood for Sale Soon to be felling a four acre site of 90% ash, approximately 45 year old coppice. Somewhere in the region of 500 - 700 tons available. Also other hardwoods available, birch, hornbeam and sycamore mix as well as an ash and hornbeam mix. We also have chestnut at roadside and produce a fine quality sussex chestnut rail at very competitive prices. Competitve haulage prices can be arranged. To discuss any of these further please get in contact. Kent, South East
Contact: Kevin Warden
M: 07523 073141
Spruce poles for sale. I have approx 50x 3-4mtr long spruce poles for sale . These will be trackside with easy access for collection. They were felled late summer 2010.
More spruce will be felled staring Feb this year.
Price negotiable Winchester
Contact: R Sansom
M: 07855 542520
Hazel rods for sale. Coppiced hazel rods prime quality rods 10 foot +
long cut to order ideal for hurdlemaking, hedgelaying etc possible discounts and delivery for large orders Ashford/Kent
Contact: Charlie Marland
T: 01233 612008
Stored Chestnut be felled February - Canterbury area, Kent In February we are felling around 20 stored sweet chestnut boles in order to ascertain internal quality of the timber. Should the quality be good we will have more on offer. Felled timber will be for sale and on site milling is available for better quality stems. Barn drying and storage facilities available. Road access to farmyard good for all vehicles. Interested parties can view during felling. Felling dates 14th to 19th February 2011. Kent, between Ashford and Canterbury
Contact: Rob Thomas
M: 07958 536522
Chestnut Firewood We have about 300 ton of chestnut firewood forsale at roadside. Kent / E, Sussex
Contact: Steve Goldfinch
T: 01424 830088
M: 07543 502498
Ash tree for sale in Northamptonshire Very mature TPO'd ash tree for sale. Still standing at moment. Awaiting agreed consent. Will be available middle of January 2011. Beautiful specimen. estimated to be 100 years +. Northamptonshire
Contact: Ouse Valley Arborists
T: 07793 653034
M: 07874 668468
8 year old coppice hazel and other species for sale. 8 year old mixed hazel coppice rods and poles available. Price on application. West Fife, Scotland
Contact: Ben Geyer
T: 01383 851585
M: 07960 33 33 19
Roundwood available hard wood and softwood. As from march 2011 we will have most species and quantities of softwood and hardwood available. Artic loads and small loads can be delivered or can be picked up at rideside by yourself.All timber can be cut to your specification for processing (etc).We are looking for continuous business with customers and our aim is to please.Please email me with your requirments. Northamptonshire
80-90 year old ash very wide stem I have a very mature Ash which is scheduled for dismantling within the next 6 weeks. I expect the wood to be absolutely beautiful with lots of tannins.
There are 4 main scaffold limbs which can be left in full tact. The stem can be felled in one by us or left for you.
This is a beauty and it is not essential that I sell it, so make me a sensible offer and see what bargain you can grab. Northamptonshire
Contact: Ouse Valley Arborists
T: 07793 653034
M: 07874 668468
Sweet Chestnut Coppice for sale as standing 6 acres of sweet chestnut coppice to be sold standing. Various qualities. Age: around 15-18 years since last felling.
Access to roadside by 4WD OK. Storage of cut timber in woods at rideside OK.
Cutting to commence January 2011. Kent - between Ashford and Canterbury
Contact: Rob Thomas
T: 0049 171 3800057
Chipwood (Larch) 78 tons (3 loads) of Larch chipwood for sale 2.9m, felled 3rd week in October 2010 and stacked at road side. Fordingbridge, Hampshire
Contact: Henry Sykes
T: 01425 650237
M: 07947 612453
Beach Cordwood For Sale 40 Tons of seasoned Beach cordwood for sale, felled in February and March 2010 and recently brought to road side, logs are between 10-40cm, to be sold by volume as this timber is seasoned. Fordingbridge, Hampshire
Contact: Henry Sykes,
T: 01425 650237
M: 07947 612453
standing timber for sale Approx 10 acres of standing mature (25-30 years)chestnut and some oak for sale Ashford area. 500m track access off lane so tractor, grab,trailer required to get it to road side. Experienced professionals only please Ashford, Kent
Contact: Nigel Collins
Standing chestnut Either sold standing or cut and stacked Kent
Contact: Danny Cradduck, D&S Tree Surgery
M: 07731 326972
Mature Oak Tree for Sale 24 metres high with stem diameter of 62 cm at 1.5m above the base. Will need to be felled. Can email photograph) Shirley, Croydon
Contact: Rosemarie Hylton
T: 0208 776 1248
M: 07956 593922
Elm mill timber for sale I'm trying to find a buyer for green Elm saw logs, all sizes up to 1.5m diameter and 8m long. Got about 28m cube now and more to come. Moray, N.E. Scotland
Contact: Jeremy Thornhill, Forres Tree Services Ltd
T: 01309 673233
M: 07786157545
6 felled trees for sale 2 large ash trees and 4 large sycamores felled June 2010. Photo's available on request. Along with the trees the 6 stumps that have been excavated require removing. There is a 15 tonne weight restriction over a bridge accessing the land where the trees are laying. Greater Manchester
Contact: Kieran Skinner
M: 07841 782666
Walnut Tree Building very soon to start on garden land.
Available for felling is a 20 year old walnut tree with a girth measurement of 36 - 32 inch. Romsey, Hampshire
Contact: Valerie Grace
T: 01794 517369
WOODTURNING BLANKS & TIMBER English hardwood woodturning blanks available. Lovely selection, as and when available, including Oak, Ash, Elm, Beech, Cherry, Yew, Mulbperry, Walnut, spalted timbers, Sycamore, Holly, Apple, ear, to name a few. Character timber also available for beautiful, decorative features such as beams etc. Langdon Abbey, Near Dover, Kent
Contact: Luke Daniells
M: 07594 929110
FOR SALE small parcels of standing hardwood logs in the Chilterns, mainly ash and beech thinnings Chilterns
Contact: John Morris, Chiltern Woodland Project
T: 01844 355503
ROUND TIMBER AND CORDWOOD: supplied in small and large lots - most hardwood and softwood species. Also various more unusual woods available for turnery,etc. All FSC CERTIFIED. Petworth, W.Sussex.
Contact: Neil Humphris, Leconfield Estate
T: 01798 342502
F: 01798 343844
M: 07768 618565
SWEET CHESTNUT cut to required lengths. Various diameters. Delivery available. Weald and Rother areas
Contact: Anthony Flint, Burwash Bio Energy
T: 01435 882765
M: 07876 573938
Standing Sweet Chestnut Coppice for Sale Approx. 3.5 acres, 16 yrs old.
For felling this winter.
Good quality.
(30/08/12) West Sussex / East Hants border
Contact: Ogilvy Malcolm
T: 01428 651593
SPRUCE TIPI POLES available, straight, finished, all sizes, sourced sustainably, locally. Nr Ashford
Contact: Chris Dryland
T: 01233 750350
M: 07983 242787
TIMBER FOR SALE small parcels of standing conifers in the Chilterns, mainly larch & Scots Pine thinnings Chilterns
Contact: John Morris, Chiltern Woodland Project
T: 01844 355503
Chestnut For post & rail, fencing stakes and rustic poles. Godalming area.
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