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European Timberbuild Learning Partnership

by David Saunders

Woodnet has been participating in an EU Leonardo Learning Partnership project with several European countries to explore traditional timber construction techniques across the continent.

18 November '13

Fourth Door

by Oliver Lowenstein

Fourth Door works with Woodnet and the Woodland Enterprise Centre at Flimwell to develop and publicise projects which showcase and highlight how regional forest and wood cultures can be used for creative and sustainable futures.
7 October '13

Learn the art of Oak Timber Framing Using Hand Tools

by Plumpton College Centre for Sustainable Food Farming and Forestry. T.01580 879547. www.foodfarmingforestry.co.uk

Five day hands on training course, to learn the art of constructing an oak timber frame building. Sussex Oak Framers will guide you, course suitable for all abilities.


Didling Charcoal at Ingram's Copse

by David Saunders

Woodland enterprise and sustainable construction project in West Sussex.

24 November '09

Home-Grown Oak in the Frame

by Norman Guiver

For various reasons, including the strength of the Euro, the source of cheap oak from the continent is fast drying up....

28 November '08

English Woodlands Timber

by Daniel Cope

Tom Compton from English Woodlands Timber has recently launched a Local Timber information website and Demonstration Unit as part of his brief as SEEDA Timber Champion.

28 November '08

Green Oak in Construction

by Andrew Holloway, Christopher Mettem and Peter Ross,

A Technical Guide to Building in Green Oak

7 November '08

Jowls and Braces

by Daniel Cope-Stephens

John Russell is a green oak carpenter.

25 October '08
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